1. T

    75 XS650 Scrambler Build

    I have a 75 XS650B that I plan to use to build a scrambler. I'm new to building bikes and there's a ton of info that I'm having difficulty finding about the specs for a xs650. Some of the info I'm looking for is all interchangeable parts example: the front end. All help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Mike G

    74 TX650A Project – AKA “The Parts Bike”

    At the risk of rivaling Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, here is the backstory. For those not interested in all the minute details of it’s acquisition please skip to the next post. This project was kind of an offshoot of the previous project I posted on here which was an 80 SG which I...
  3. lukeXS

    2021 and the XS650

    The day is January 1, 2021 and it's raining ice in NW Ohio right now. I snuck out to the garage to tinker on the bike just a moment ago and thought it'd be a good time to post it to the forum. I'm a newbie here and this is my first post. About two weeks ago, my dad gave me his 1979 XS650...
  4. Melmwood

    My Build: A Pandemic Project

    I have no idea why I didn't track my build real-time this summer, but better late than never (I suppose) to put my build out here in case it helps someone along the way on theirs. Like everyone, the pandemic shut down a lot of the places I'd socially spend my time - in my case, the biggest...
  5. Lickfold

    Help me with my Built dream project bike 1972 XS2650

    Hey Xs's dependant people i'm Lickfold 28 years young new member from Portugal and here's my project as detailed as i can so hopefully you wizards can think with me and help me achieve less wrenches and more km's ! -1972 XS2 650 - HISTORY-> It's been 3 years of a love affair... Scrapyard...
  6. 79josh81

    Build Thread - Wide Tire Custom

    Since about January I’ve been working on a wide tire build running a jackshaft, a foot clutch AND a hand clutch, with a jockey/tank style shifter. This bike was not running when I bought it for $400 and it was in rough shape. Short of making the tank and forward controls, I either fabricated or...
  7. T

    Top bearing set bottom race

    Hello! I am new to this thread as of about 5 minutes ago, I've had a great time working on my first build with my 81 xs650 but have run into what I hope is just a small hiccup.. I'm installing moto Iron springer forks, and have everything removed and ready except for the bottom race of the...
  8. ShaneWey

    Another build thread

    Alright guys, I hate to start a new thread asking for help so soon but hher I am. So it looks like I get the opportunity to know my bike a lot better than I thought much quicker than I thought. I think I'm in for a rebuild. Not sure. I'll post a video. There are metal shavings in my oil and on...
  9. Superjet

    Getting my 83 back on the road

    I thought I would show some pics of my bike from when I got it up until now. I know you guys like build threads but this is all I have. Lets begin...... ***The engine was badly painted silver which I thought was replaced until I saw the S# was matching. Took some lacquer thinner to it but...
  10. XSsex50

    My very slow hardtail build thread

    Hey dudes, thought I would post my journey for my hardtail build thread now that I am starting to get into it. Frame is a late 80’s with TC brothers hardtail.
  11. N

    XS650 Bobber - Frame

    Hello, I am 100% new to this website and wasn't able to locate what I am seeking; hence creating a brand new thread. First off, my apologies if someone has already answered this or started a thread. Looking to find a fabricator in Metro Vancouver Area, BC, Canada who is able to work with me to...
  12. M

    New book!

    Have written this for a good tech publishers. All my own pics and words, it's a general how to get your bike together without spending big bucks. I don't earn much from the sales - so need as many to sell as possible! Here's my website as well: Book...
  13. electra_boogaloo

    Appalachain Chopper Build Thread

    Bought my first xs650 a few days ago and so far it's been a hateful bitch. It's been sitting for a few years and it doesn't want to wake up. The previous owner cafe-d it and i'm not feeling it at all. I'm going to attempt to get everything all happy happy and get the wheels spinning, collect...
  14. Ketchup Pusher

    The new life of a 72' XS II - Build thread

    late last year I sat on my couch, I was a tiny bit annoyed since someone else had just bought the xs 750 I thought I was supposed to buy as my winter project. So there I sat, annoyed at myself for not have been quicker out the door, quietly scrolling through different online marketplaces until I...
  15. rehar

    Large Spine Frame XS650 / Egli / Rau / Cafe Racer

    Where to start... Here is a picture at the time that I started this thread. I came across an XS650 engine for sale (by Mule/Richard Pollock), combined with some thoughts about a new project bike and inspired by the new Norton Domiracer... I entered the Concepting Phase of my latest...
  16. C

    New to 650s

    Hey guys I'm new to the yamaha 650 scene and was wondering if I could get some pointers or help. I just recently picked up a 77 XS that has been hard tailed already. But that's it. It came with three incomplete engines and about 7 boxes of random and duplicate parts for it. I want to try and...
  17. M

    For Sale - Chop Source Frame Jig Kit XS650(craigslist ad)

    For Sale in the Eastern Pandhandle of West Virginia. Please read the ad before responding. Thank you.
  18. LOWBOY925

    Anyone in the bay area (CA) willing to help me finish this build?

    What's up everyone. So once upon a time I stripped my xs down to the frame, with grand ideas of chopping/bobbing it...ended up not having the funds to do everything I wanted to now I'm just trying to get it back to riding condition...but I'm at the wiring harness and I'm losing...
  19. Sho-TymeXS

    XS Built for fun...

    Well, I've been messing around with XS650's for awhile now. Built a few with friends and started a few builds that got sold before finished. So I've been itching to finally build one for myself. Not to anyone else's standards or liking (too many build for customers). This itch went on for about...
  20. Gcraay

    Colors colors colors, what to choose.

    I have a custom build going the tracker...ish way. I have the mag rims drilled out with four holes. My color scheme is a iron skillet color, not black, but brand new skillet grey. and burnt orange..ish with a hint of white here and there. I'm looking for ideas for the rim color. I'm...