1. Repo Man

    XS Restomod rolling chassis

    Been kicking around an idea for a while, so what do you think? I’ve been involved with several XS builds with upgraded rolling stock, modern forks, wheels, big brakes with 4 piston calipers, beefy swing arms, dual and single shock chassis. I work as a machinist and have a good racer friend...
  2. F

    Charging System for Cafe

    Hey guys, I’m in the middle of a Cafe build on my 77 xs650. I’d like to keep all my stock options (headlight, taillights, turns, push button start, speedo, etc.) I was looking into upgrading my charging system to the PMA style from TCBros (link below). Could I then run an 8 cell antigravity...
  3. zoomxf

    For Sale - 1977 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker

    1977 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker. Has 750 kit. Runs very strong with fantastic power & torque. Metal tank with street tracker seat and fiberglass seat pan. Completely rebuilt with custom laser paint (not decals). Excel rims. Located in Minster, OH. $5,800 Mike 909-376-8133
  4. Crashomon

    For Sale - 1982 XS650-complete, with title and NOT CHOPPED

    Sold -- SOLD Clear Title, Never Wrecked. Runs GREAT. Purchased this 1982 Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special on April, 2015, with 9200 miles and here's some pix of it today. Clean Title, Runs Great, needs NOTHING. Updated parts: Superbike style handlebars Progressive front fork springs (great...
  5. BenjaminJ

    Chinese Digital Speedo/Tach

    I'm in the middle of a cafe project on a 1980 xs650. A few months back, I ordered a Chinese tachometer/speedometer setup. Some of you may have seen it around (link below). I've gotten the wiring almost completely sorted in spite of the useless directions. The only issue that I have is that I...
  6. LOWBOY925

    For Sale - 1980 xs650 re-listing

    Hey guys, my buddy posted this bike for me previously. I am dropping the price significantly due to the fact I need the cash for my other project asap. Only asking 900$ firm.
  7. C


  8. M

    Newer Swingarm on Older Model

    Hey everyone, As the title reads, I am looking at installing a newer (1974-1984 models) swingarm with bracing on my 1973 TX650. I want to do this for better support and handeling, but also because my 130/90 tire seems to rub on the right side of the current swingarm. However, this seems to...
  9. B

    Electrically Handicapped Please Help, 1981 XS650 won't keep battery charged

    Aloha Everyone, hope your Friday afternoon is going well! I am just beginning my weekend wrenching and for any and all who care to read or help out this is what I've got so far :) 1981 XS650 Stock ignition/charging system. Here's what I know... -Bike will start and run great, when...
  10. I

    Extended Swing Arm and Rear Suspension?

    I want to go for this look with a motolanna swing arm and yss rear suspension. What do you think is the length of these rear shocks? Should I try this at all? Thanks
  11. txrenegade

    Street Tracker/Scrambler BigBore Yamahawesome

    After spending the better part of far too much time on a 1973 CB750.. I finally decided it was done. So what now... Start a new project! Limey bikes up in Austin sold me a titled 1975 frame and did a big bore build for me with a NOS Yamaha Factory 750 kit that he had sitting around...
  12. michaelpthompson

    So what's the deal with all this terminology?

    I'm new to the community, so please forgive some ignorance. I know what a chopper is, from watching Easy Rider in the '70, but I don't know the details of all the terms I'm seeing here. I think a cafe racer is a bike where you lean forward and scream through police blockades, but I have no idea...
  13. robpoage03

    my 74 cafe build

    this is the final look of my bike. Have plans to do little mods here and there later but plan to just ride it for now.
  14. nicmcs

    Help needed, please confirm correct bearing to use with cognito moto gsxr fork swap

    Hello everyone, Its been many months since i updated my build thread but I've been tipping away with it. To the point of this thread, I just got my lower gsxr triple back after cognito moto pressed in one of their xs650 stems conversions into it. I wanted to test fit it tomorrow but was...
  15. wallywheels

    Wally's Woody Cafe

    This bike was formally wally's Turbo Woody and was a hardtail but I have grown up and decided that a Cafe is the way to go. Much more practical and fun, also saves my back. So here are some current pictures. -Hydraulic clutch -Dual Brembo Front brakes -Frame lifted 2.25" in the rear -PMA...
  16. Gcraay

    New starter

    I believe I have fried my starter. I have it on a stand and while I get 12 volts at the starter, I do not get any reaction. I did a couple times get it to turn over the engine, and with juuuust a bit of brake cleaner got it to fire. Now that I have my carbs on it, of course zippo. So my...
  17. M

    Updating Electronics: Reg/Rec, Starter Relay, and Lights Questions.

    Hello All, Hope everything is going well with you all. I have designed a new electronics box for my 1973 TX650. I figured that I will be messing with electronics I might as well update. Here we go...
  18. 0

    Help, can't shift gears while running.

    hey guys. I need some help. I have a 1980 XS650 and I have been doing a lot of work on it over the winter. I replaced the clutch bearing, friction plates, clutch plates, clutch springs, and stews to the allen key type. basically the whole clutch set-up. When I was all done and slapped it back...
  19. theDQG

    '71 xs1b conversion to cafe

    Junked '71 xs1b conversion to cafe Hi folks, Been lurking a while- have always wanted a xs650 since I fell in love with the 650 build done by Clutch Customs from Paris: Last night I saw an ad on CL for a xs1b for next to nothing and nabbed it- brought it...
  20. D

    Anyone tried OMAR's cafe seats?

    Just shopping around to possibly purchase a café racer seat that would not require a great deal of modification to the frame (as in weld in a new rear hoop) as my build is close to being finished and have decided to change from Tracker to Café. Just wondered if anyone has used OMAR's café...