1. K

    71' XS1-F with a pickup coil?? What is goin on...

    Hi Y'all, I posted a few weeks ago with some wiring questions on my new-to-me XS650 chopper project, my pictures didn't upload so I'm gonna try again this time...but now I have a new dilemma - based on the serial stamped on the front of the engine, this is an XS1-F from 70 or 71. However, it...
  2. K

    Stator Wires…First of many new posts, starting from scratch..

    Hey Y’all. Just got my hands on what is supposedly a 79’ XS650. I have two engines to varying degrees of completion and bins of extra parts. Bike has a long way to go but I’m excited to start from the ground up and learn to weld/wire/etc! First post is gonna be about this clusterfck of wiring...
  3. Walters_Gallery

    For Sale - 1984-87 yamaha xv700 virago custom rear wheel

    This is a custom rear wheel set up that I had a shop put together to put on my xs750 but I think the project is more trouble than it's worth. I do also have the drum brake set up with rear axle nut. Testing out the waters for right now Specs: - Converted 15" OEM wheel to a H-18x2.15" - 36...
  4. C

    Replacement Carburator

    Hello! I am currently running a pair of Mikuni BS-38. I have poor running on the right side cylinder. So I’m looking for a more modern setup or carburetors that will fit the XS 650. Do you have any suggestions of what to look for?
  5. B

    For Sale - 1980 xs 650 basket case / chop

    Many parts, frame, motor case(needs rebuild), jugs, heads, carbs, tank, wheels, exhaust, many parts, no title. Listed on a no reserve auction on ebay...
  6. OldBlue

    For Sale - 1971 / 74 Rephased Chopper Build - Moving to Alaska Sale

    Images of Bike Extra Parts Images For sale is a beautiful, near new, rephased Yamaha 650 XS that has been opened up to 700. Moving to Alaska and cant take it with. Modifications include Huges Handbuilt Rephased motor ( Bored...
  7. T

    XS650 chopper wiring

    I recently found a 1972 XS650 in the trash and I am currently rebuilding it. All that is left is the wiring (I am building a chopper so it will only have headlight and tail light with no other accessories. I am picking up circuit breakers and I was wondering if I should use 10amp or 15amp manual...
  8. M

    Harley rear wheel and brake

    Hey y’all, I’ve been working on my first chopper for a little bit now. I’ve hit a snag. I’m running a 2000s rear dyna spoked wheel and I’m looking at caliper options. I have both styles of brakes(as shown in photos) but the black style doesn’t seem to fit between the wheel bearing and axle...
  9. Y

    For Sale - 1971 Hardtail xs650 $2500

    Selling my 1971 xs650 hardtail project. $2500 Voodoo Vintage hardtail kit 4 out 3 down, jigged 6 over fork- new oil and All Ball seals Seven Sins Jap Rabbit bars powder coated black Hugh’s Hand Built solid riser bushings Coated tank Mikuni VM34 from Mikes XS MikesXS Permanent Magnetic...
  10. CWebbie78

    New Member

    Hello, I havent been an active member here just a longtime lurker. I have a couple of XS650s that I started building about 5 or 6 years ago, one is hardtailed and the other is a street tracker. The rigid bike was just a rubbermaid tub full of "XS650 Parts" that I bought on Craigslist for $250. I...
  11. alfredo

    For Sale - 1978 Rephased Chopper $4k

    - delete -
  12. Rhy650

    '82 Bar Hopper

    This thread will outline my modifications to the last of my Dad's XS650s. This bike is an 1982 which has had some fairly substantial frame modifications. Dad built this bike approximately 10 years ago, but never rode it much. He always referred to it as a "bar hopper" which I believe is...
  13. Bjorn

    For Sale - Complete XS front end incl. Modern Brembo brake setup (plug&play) €450

    Hi! Tinkering is in my blood and since my XS now has a front end of a R6, my old setup is available. I have ran this setup for > 5 years without any issues. I ran it with XS spoked wheels, cast might work, not sure. It includes the following: Late XS forks including triple clamps XS axle...
  14. B

    1978 xs650 "build" work in progress

    Helloo there. I have been eyeballing xs650's for quite some time and the wife finally let me pull the trigger on one and what did I do? yep, I stripped it all down and chopped the back of the frame. HAHA It's a terrible feeling let me tell you. I immediately searched craigslist to reassure...
  15. P

    XS650 Brake Cable

    Hi all, I have a '77 XS650 - I am replacing the stock bars with 15" bars. I got the +6" cables (it came with two, I assume for throttle and clutch?) and I cannot seem to find anyone who has a brake cable long enough. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to try and rig it up? Or a...
  16. Renegade Offroad

    My 1st XS650 after falling in love 10yrs ago!

    This is how I picked her up!
  17. Muckroot

    limping with stock forks - or worth the rebuild?

    Hello folks, I've got me heart set on a nice set of TCBros front springer forks. the construction looks super solid from their video, and they come with lots of support in terms of calipers, bar mounts, and all that rigamarole. the trouble is, with all this corona quarantine happening i am...
  18. YouTube


    Just a few things I worked with. Can't wait till I'm able to afford better bits and tools in the future for this stuff.
  19. Muckroot

    cleaning up a mutilated frame

    Hello all, I know it's near sacrilege to chop up an old XS frame, but I felt this frame was a good candidate because when I bought it it had already had some of the seat pan chopped off, as well as some of the frame around the swing arm though I can't say for sure what those frame bits did...
  20. Suicide Shifter

    Suicide Shifter

    My Japanese bike has a Japanese katana shifter lol A guy from a local MC says " you are now forever known as the samurai" lol