clutch actuator

  1. P

    My 2 cents for you guys.

    Hello all, I hope everyone here is doing well. First of, I would like to say thanks to each one of you, I´ve been working on a 1975 XS650B and all your posts, discussions, questions, tips, tricks and even fights have helped a lot hahaha. Its been almost 6 months since I found my new love sitting...
  2. Jim

    Yet Another Clutch Mod. Thread

    I've been gettin' the SG ready for ridin' the last couple of days, so I had the LH sidecover off checking everything over. I also had the clutch cable out to lube and possibly find a better routing... so doing a little moddin' just seemed like natural mission creep. :rolleyes: Clutch pull...
  3. GLJ

    Magura Clutch Lever and Aluminum pushrod

    A while back on another post I mentioned that I was going to use a Magura clutch lever assembly on my XS2. I also mentioned that the Magura had more cable travel. I knew it would increase cable movement, but had not really checked to see how much. Since the Magura I had is going back on my X75 I...