1. P

    Clutch adjustment screw almost all the way in...

    My clutch cable was really loose to the point that the barrel adjuster was almost out of thread, so I decided to adjust it. I got it where I like and the clutch is working as it should however the adjusting screw is almost all the way in. I've seen pictures of others adjustment screws and they...
  2. RayWhitt

    Xs650 clutch assembly

    Hey guys, first time XS builder here. I’m building a street tracker out of a late model 77’. After a major overhaul I started to test ride the bike only to notice the clutch grabbing. After reading conflicting information about number of plates and years I finally got that sorted out and...
  3. R

    Clutch not engaging?

    So I got my shifter more or less figured out, I replaced my clutch cable, I’ve got the bike on the centerstand, going through gears, I pull the clutch lever and... Nothing. Nothing at all. I’ve tried adjusting it, it’s pretty flaccid in general, and I think the cable is jumping off the lever...
  4. Street Tracker

    Little Help Please

    Been searching but looking for the best and quickest information to split the bottom case, change out the shifting drum and any other shifting issues that I have experienced. something is broke or worn out as i have messed with the star, ctutch adjustment, plates cable etc. Any ssisstane to...
  5. R

    Call me crazy!

    But has anyone attempted or can it even be done? Can you use the clutch boss from a '81 XV750 in an '80 XS650? Replacing the RHS cover and gasket, is noticed a crack in one of the tangs on the XS650 clutch boss and have been searching for a replacement. It's like mining gold!
  6. Coleslaw

    Looking for Cad files

    Does anyone know where I can find cad files for the clutch push screw housing? Or any other files for that matter.
  7. Blair_repair

    ‘81 aftermarket clutch perch width

    I have an ‘81 and my clutch cable snapped. The OEM perch and lever has the place for the mirror which I don’t use so I wanted to switch to a perch with no mirror. Ordered one off mikes and the portion of the perch which the adjuster threads through is about half the length of OEM perch. This...
  8. M

    Leaks and stuck RPM (high) even with clutch in. 83' xs650 Heritage Special

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and I'm new to XS bikes. This is my second bike, and my first carbureted one as my last one (15' sr400) had EFI. Heads up I'm in the early process of learning as much as I can about bike mechanics and modifications (as I have modification plans for this bike); so...
  9. Keefus

    First time rider with 83 XS650

    Hi everyone, As the title implies, I’m a new rider who purchased an 83’ XS650. I like cafe racers and the price was good. It’s a sexy looking bike, buuuut it needs some work. Currently the big issue is the clutch/transmission. When the bike gets hot from riding the gears start to stick, where...
  10. Jim

    Yet Another Clutch Mod. Thread

    I've been gettin' the SG ready for ridin' the last couple of days, so I had the LH sidecover off checking everything over. I also had the clutch cable out to lube and possibly find a better routing... so doing a little moddin' just seemed like natural mission creep. :rolleyes: Clutch pull...
  11. Muckroot

    Shift cup/actuator installation question

    Hello all, Bit of a newbie question but My manual is ambiguous about the correct installation of the shift actuator thingamy under the left case cover. have I installed it correctly? or does the metal side go into the cover with the plastic presenting outward?
  12. Grimmith

    Hard first gear clutch shift

    I was going to order a clutch repair kit from mikesxs because when i shift first through 3rd gear it hits kinda hard, especially in first gear. like sometimes it grinds a little when I'm trying to downshift. Unless I'm not supposed to down shift from 4th to 1st to slow down quickly if I have...
  13. I

    (1981 but completely redone) stalling when warmed up today

    Okay so I'll give you guys the whole story without going overboard here. I got this bike when I turned 21 from my dad. It was sitting in a barn for years but a good friend of ours fixed it up and sold it to him. As soon as I started riding there were all sorts of problems. Bad connections, old...
  14. GLJ

    Magura Clutch Lever and Aluminum pushrod

    A while back on another post I mentioned that I was going to use a Magura clutch lever assembly on my XS2. I also mentioned that the Magura had more cable travel. I knew it would increase cable movement, but had not really checked to see how much. Since the Magura I had is going back on my X75 I...
  15. rem61

    Cafe Racer Controls

    Hello all, I've looked high and low for a set of matching controls for my xs 650 build. I have yet to find a clutch, brake and master cylinder along with a throttle that match. Has anyone had any success in this area they can share? As my first build I'm also unclear about the specs. needed for...
  16. aDotInTime

    Help! Trouble with Kickstart/Clutch?

    Hey everyone. I finally decided to get out from under my own fear of not knowing a god damned thing and ask for help. I have a '71 with a 750 big bore kit, HHB PMA, and Boyer's ignition. I bought it from a fellow last week and over the weekend dropped the engine into my bobber frame. I cut...
  17. JaxShane650

    Clutch Rebuild / Top End Engine Rebuild

    I'm currently in the middle of tearing down the top end of my motor(1980 XS650) because it bent a intake valve last fall when the valve spring retainer split in half. My clutch was also slipping last time I was riding it and I had already adjusted both ends of the clutch cable. I'm going to be...
  18. J

    Wanted - 1979 xs650sf clutch hub, 75mm piston, clutch springs and bolts.

    Looking for parts for my 1979 xs650sf. Clutch hub Piston 75mm with 22mm wrist pin 6 clutch springs and/or bolts Located in Bakersfield, CA Please let me know! Thank you!
  19. Grimmith

    Small Cracks inside clutch cover.

    are any of these small cracks or micro-fractures an issue for reliability if I use this cover? or should it not have any cracks? I engraved a shit ton on it and then cleaned it up a bit and found these...…..I need to take my old cover off to check my clutch anyway for it having trouble finding...
  20. 79josh81

    More clutch separation?

    So I recently replaced the clutch springs, steel plates, and fiber plates on my 81' Special II. The bike grabs a lot better now but I'm still having an issue with hard shifting. While I was in the right side doing the clutch, I checked to make sure that the springs were where they needed to be...