1. R

    RH cover leak

    I had to fish for the tach drive washer on my ‘76 650C so I took the RH cover off. Fished it, out everything back together (save the kickstart), then discovered I tore my old gasket so it started to leak. Looked like the original so I decided it’s time to replace. Chipped off the old gasket...
  2. Dale Harris

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Side covers & air boxes

    Black side covers off an '83 heritage, all in decent shape, also have factory air boxes came off '83 Located in CA, 92584 Make me an offer 9515913017
  3. A_Starkz

    Tappet Cover Studs

    Hi, Sorry for the probably stupid question, but I am stuck. I just finished putting the engine back together for my 1972 XS2 and while putting the tappet covers back on, I realized the the previous owner didn't screw the studs in all the way. Therefore, when I try to put the acorn nut on, it...
  4. E

    Crankcase cover install

    Hello everyone. So I go to do the dry fit before I put the gasket on my crankcase cover and the thing won't go on the engine. The left side of the cover (kick start side) goes on but the right side with the tach gear just won't. I figure it has something to do with lining up the gears but it...
  5. smiles79

    motorcycle cover help

    So once I get to school my motorcycle will be outside all the time (it will be home in a building during winter) in central Iowa. Do any of you have a preference on covers? I don't wanna spend a whole lot of money if I don't have to. And it needs to fit over my apes. Thanks!
  6. S

    What are you guys using for a bike cover? Good brands, good fit etc?

    Just like the title says, I'm in the market for a good quality good fitting motorcycle cover for my XS. Wanted to see what you guys were using and if you could recommend something for me. My bike lives in the garage, but when it's nice out I leave it in the back driveway for easy access and I...
  7. daroberts3

    Smooth Stator Cover

    I want my bobber to have no Yamaha logos or script on it. Does anyone know where to buy a smooth alternator cover? What can I use to remove the "Yamaha" from the clutch cover without gouging the snot out of it? What can I do for plain points covers ?