1. A

    C-C measurement for a 35 mm XS fork

    As I already have mentioned in a couple of posts, I am working a bit on a 80-82 XT250. This is actually the second XT 250 I am messing with. On the previous one, I always thought the front brake was rather poor for road use. So when I somehow discovered that my 34 mm RD350 fork had the exact...
  2. A

    Rear sprocket dimensions needed

    Gents, I just decided to order a high primary gear set from Ivan Hoey in Australia, so now I need to get a new, slightly larger (than the normal 32-34 t) #520 rear sprocket for my 77. I have decided to order a custom one from Supersprox, and they require both bike model and measurements for...
  3. GeorgeOC

    Replacement front disc rotor thoughts - Offsets, dimensions, compatibility

    Hello all, I'd like to share some ideas about replacement rotors. First off, thanks to member TimeMachine for his help with providing a head to head comparison. Initially our conversation began when looking into the offset dimensions for <77' rotors, and those 77' onward. I am attempting to...
  4. fox23

    dimensions of Hugh's PMA Rec/Reg

    Im doing some planning ahead for my upcoming build and I'm wondering if anyone has the actual physical dimensions of the rec/reg unit from Hugh's PMA kit? i just want to see where i can mount it on the bike. also, i know it needs to be air cooled (not mounted in a sealed box) but has anyone...