electric start

  1. Petcha2

    Replace electric starter

    Hi, all: I am new to the forum. Proud to say I recently purchased a 1977 Yamaha XS650 (shown above). Real clean, 33K miles, runs pretty well, but needs some work. That’s the fun part. Among other things, previous owner got rid of the starter and it is kickstart only. It starts OK with a couple...
  2. W

    1977 XS650D Weak Electric Start

    Hello Everyone, I have a 1977 XS650D that starts fine with kick start but the electric start seams tired/does not get it started. Whenever I press the starter button it cranks over slowly and only ever starts if the engine is already hot and I am lucky. My bike doesn't have a decompression...
  3. jasonsed

    Electric Start Kills The Battery

    I'll start by saying that I'm new to the XS650 and motorcycles in general, but I'm doing my best to learn what's what. I thought I had things worked out and my 1976 XS650 running a few weeks ago, but now I'm having trouble with it again. I first thought it was the charging system, but today I...
  4. D

    Starter Short Problem?

    So there's a short coming from somewhere that keeps blowing fuses every time you press the start button. I isolated the short down to the starter motor itself, but when I bought a used starter from eBay(tested and working) the same problem happens. Could there be a short beyond the starter in...
  5. msaxer1998

    HELP! Replaced clutch in 73 xs650 and none of the electrics work

    Hey guys, I just replaced the clutch on my 1973 Yamaha xs650 because of major slippage and The process went smoothly. I started it up fine and rode it and it was great, Then it died on me when I was coasting in neutral to a light, so I pulled over and the electric start wasn't working. I kick...
  6. Ash

    XS2 starter

    So I bought an xs2 that me and a friend are building into something new, no previous xs2 experience, just learning as i go. The bike was in pieces when i bought it and I am now wondering, as the bike has a starter motor, should there be a start button, or was it all part of the decompression...
  7. A

    getting rid of the Battery Eliminator Capacitor Kit

    i have a PMA charging stystem with a battery eliminator capacitor kit on it. i need to get the battery back into the system. i can't kick start, bad back, so i need help in getting what i need and how to do it. please help. thank you:banghead:
  8. B

    First bike. New to me 1977 XS650. Have some questions

    Hey there guys. This is my first post on here and I am ready to dive into this world of the xs650. Here's a little background on me: I'm 26, have never owned or ridden a motorcycle (only dirt bikes years ago). I've always loved the looks of them and finally decided to pick one up. I'm not a...
  9. S

    Battery dead?

    This is one of those "it should be obvious" questions, but I thought I would double-check with you guys. I have an AGM battery from Mikes that I bought Jan. 2012. A couple months ago my starter button broke so I got a new one, but electric start wouldn't even budge. So I figured maybe the whole...
  10. F

    2 questions....Antigravity XPS1 battery with PMA and electric Start, Pamco

    G'day All, First post so go easy! I need a bit of help making a decision, I have had this battery box made up (in attachment), originally made to house a capacitor and switches, for a kickstart only PMA set up, Lights, indicators, running a new Pamco e-advance. But have recently had a...
  11. JayR

    New owner 1982 XS650J Heritage Special

    Advice? Hairy Electrical Mess - New owner 1982 XS650J Heritage Special Hi everyone- I've been a member of the site for 3 months now, looking for a motorcycle and hemming and hawing about what to buy - and what's available. Thanks to the expert advice of many of you, I finally pulled the trigger...
  12. B

    Replaced handlebars...now electric start, headlight, and brake light do not work

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum and I have a pretty hard to solve problem (for me atleast). Recently I switched my stock handlebars to clubman bars and when i went to fire up the bike there was nothing to the electric start. So, I kickstarted the bike no problem but noticed that the headlight...
  13. H

    Electric solenoid wiring?

    Hey so newbie here and I am trying to hook up my stater solenoid but I'm confused. I understand the blue/white wire, red/white wire, and the battery wire. Except how does it connect to the starter motor and what does the single red wire connect to?:confused: Thanks for any help and if someone...
  14. Jawknee21

    Painting/powdercoating bars?

    I read yesterday that painting the bars might cause the starter not to work. Maybe Im wrong. Does this apply to powdercoating? What will I need to do to make sure it will still work with powdercoated bars? Posted via Mobile
  15. Dee_nice83

    Needing info on electrical start

    My 73 tx650 is only kickstart. PO made it that way. Now I am not great with electricals on bikes, but i would like to put back the electrical start just incase i need to use it at those critical times when I am riding with a group and still keep the kickstarter. The Decompression...
  16. gggGary

    slight twist on starter motor noise

    Bike starts fine, cranks over great, but... there is a bit of run on noise from the starter, it sounds like the bendix is in no hurry to get retracted. Not horrible long but enough to be annoying and sound like not all is right in the world. Does the spring clip bending tweek help reduce...
  17. M

    Electric Start Button Won't Work

    Okay, so the guy I bought my bike from installed an alternative start button because the one in the right-hand switch unit's button didn't work. The alternative button worked but it bothered me to have that on the bike. He said the problem with the original start button was probably in the unit...
  18. I

    XS650 Electric Start System

    XS650 E-start - by now youve probably figured i dont like XS650 starter motors…a lot of energy, time and money went into creating the ‘männer’ machines we all like so much…these looked the part, were reliable, didn’t leak oil and, like everything else, had their weaknesses…the starter motor...