1. T

    Are there differences in XS650 engine case covers over years ~ bolt pattern etc.?

    Question for the engine builders out their and those knowledgeable on evolution of the drivetrain on these bikes. Did the motor externally change from the early XS’ ‘70-73 to the ‘74 and later models? Specific ask is pertaining to the case covers on both sides of engine.
  2. Signal

    New Sidecar Motor

    Building Sidecar Motor I started collecting parts for this motor a while ago and then got side tracked building the two-stroke outfit. This is not intended to be a how to build a motor it is more of a show and tell what I have done to build a race motor for a sidecar. Most of what is shown is...
  3. Colton

    XS650 Engine Parts Year Range

    So im building an XS650 engine, and was wondering if there was a website or list someone had to corelate a year range for parts specific to the engine. The crankcase is a 72 which I know is kicker only (EDIT: First year of electric), im just curious if I need to keep everything from the year...
  4. VID-20220316-WA0000.mp4


    Strenge sound in engine, no problemen with clutch or drivind, when the choke is off, the sound is almost goed. Some say its normal, some say its the clutch, but the clutch is New.
  5. Simcard

    Engine bogs down at RPMs above 3500

    Hey all. First post on this forum. Hopefully it makes sense. Bike Info: Bike is a 1975. I rebuilt the entire engine myself. Running stock alternator with a Boyer electronic ignition. Kick start only with a lithium ion battery. Rebuilt the carbs, new fuel lines with inline filters, and rebuilt...
  6. Blair_repair

    Small spring found in oil change

    Just picked up an 1980 xs as a parts bike for a chopper build. Engine runs fine but I needed to remove it to prep the frame for a hard tail. When I was draining the engine oil there was this small spring magnetized to the drain plug. I haven’t done a whole lot of engine work on these bikes and...
  7. Coleslaw

    Need Help with oil Seals

    I have been looking every where for a Complete oil seal kit for my 73' tx650 and I am in need of some help. I found this on ebay https://www.ebay.com/i/363178151307?ul_noapp=true let me know what you guys think, or would recommend.
  8. Coleslaw

    Need help wiring - motor identification

    Hello people of the XS nation, I need some assistance, I have been looking for a simplified wiring harness for what I believe is a 1980 xs650sg. The P.O. tore the stock harness to pieces and painted most of it. Trying to make heads or tails of the thing. Here the motor please let me know what...
  9. Surfrat28

    New Engine and simple wire diagram

    Hey everyone stoked to get a donor engine to replace my current crappy engine that I don’t have time to fix. 1. 2F0-171615..... not sure which bike this is I wanted to say 1978 XS650SE but not sure. 2. does anyone have a simplified wire diagram for this bike?? It is completely stock engine...
  10. J

    For Sale - XJ650 Engine (Good compression)

    This engine is in good shape, i bought it to put in my bike but soon realized it was way too big. asking 375 but am negotiable. the starter is already there for you! we can arrange pickup or have it shipped. you pay shipping.
  11. J

    Wanted - XS650 engine

    Hey guys i'm looking for an engine to put in my 1970 xs bobber. I can have it shipped if need be and will by and or trade. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks -Josh Fuqua
  12. DirtyErnie

    Camshaft Comparisons (virtual)

    "Working From Home" has left me alone in a small room with my computer for more hours than I should be, and with a wife and kid running around the house.... let's just say looking at skinny girls is right out. So I dusted off a Windows98 virtual machine and an old copy of Dyno 2000 and started...
  13. Muckroot

    XSJohn's right side hotter theory - explored

    In another thread on this site XSJohn mentioned something that would lower cylinder temps by 20+ degrees. I am REALLY interested in finding out exactly what John was talking about here, so I did some digging. XSJohn's comments are in blue for clarity. This is a start, but there has to more...
  14. Muckroot

    Case Compatibility

    Hello all, I have the guts from a 1975 447 motor but the case has unfortunately been tended to at some point by a chimpanzee. All four of the locating pins for the crank bearings on the upper case have been smashed in because the bearings weren't lined up properly when the halves were...
  15. Muckroot

    Engine rebuild advice needed

    Hello all, I am new to the site and this is my first post. Please forgive any formatting errors. I recently purchased and tore down my very own 1975 XS650B and I have some questions regarding where to go from where I am at. I currently have the engine completely apart, and have a shop that can...
  16. 6

    engine gasket replace

    I have a low mile '78 that runs pretty good. The gaskets are original and a little leaky. I want to go through and replace with a kit. What would be the best resource for me to look at for this? Thanks
  17. 650Burger

    The "free"engine

    I recently made the purchase of a xs650 1980 Special II, and with it was included an extra seized engine for me to re-use parts or just use as decoration for my house. Since I plan to do major engine work to the main bike, I have been taking the engine apart as a means to familiarize myself...
  18. Lost Cause

    Can I replace engine hardware without opening engine?

    So my question to you guys... If I were to purchase the stainless steel engine hardware kit. Would it be possible to carefully replace and re-torque each of these bolts without undoing and disturbing the engine gaskets etc. My engine is in perfect running order and I simply want to replace the...
  19. O

    Smoking from Left Pipe....

    I know there have been quite a few similar threads here but my 79' tracker is smoking something fierce on the left side only. Details of the build are below if it helps, I did pull the left header pipe and found a bunch of soot, and some oily residue coming up from the exhaust valve (not from...
  20. TwoManyXS1Bs

    Reinforcing gussets on early XS1/XS1B engine cases

    Just a pet project I'm working on. Trying to track down when the reinforcing gussets existed (behind the left rear cylinder stud). This chart shows what I've been able to determine so far. XS1/XS1B engine case revisions by serial number 1970 XS1 S650- 000101 - Rev-0 case, no reinforcing...