1. AKV

    Fuel Leak

    He there everyone. I have a few questions for my 1979 XS650 and looking for some help. I have a leak where the hose from the tank meets the Fuel filter. I’m going to replace that hose with the 1/4” fuel hose and also replace the filter. What size is the hose that goes from the filter to the...
  2. Jim

    Fuel System Winterizing.

    This Fortnine guy is sometimes informative, sometimes humorous.... always entertaining. So, what are y'alls thought on winterizing the fuel system? Fill it up with non-alcohol blended fuel and call it good? If there's a general consensus here on the forum, I couldn't find it.
  3. R

    Should I Be Worried? (Pilot Jet)

    So I’ve been having some carb trouble - I think I’ve finally got it sorted out, ridiculously high idle, replaced the diaphragms/slides - and I took my carbs apart yesterday... You know that rubber piece that goes in under the pilot jet? Well after I drained my carb, it was all swollen. Why is...
  4. ZeroShadez

    Carbs leaking fuel!!!

    I have a 78' xs650 special And it runs more or less really good even though its been sitting for a few years. I went to ride it home was accelerating nicley. Got it up to 60-65 for about 15-20 mins roughly but i had been riding it for at least 30mins non stop. Then it starts to sputter and lose...
  5. Grimmith


    I can now remove as much rust as possible through Electrolysis, which is using water and electricity. It's a 1-3 day process depending on how well you want it done. It can take up to 5 days, really depending on how bad it is inside. I can only do one tank at a time for now, until I'm able to get...
  6. Robert Dell Aquila

    Carb fuel flow

    Hi yall, trying to figure out my idle issue with my 78'XS650-E 277 rephased. Running pamco 277 ignition with 3 ohm single output coils. Intitially my bike would idle fine then die after about 10 minutes and not start back up. Now it does not idle at all after I cleaned the carbs. Since I'm...
  7. 79josh81

    Aftermarket Fuel tank question

    This might be a dumb question but I'm looking to eventually buy an aftermarket fuel tank and it has 3 petcock ports already welded into the bottom of it. I will probably be using the two 1/4"NPT fittings for petcocks. My potentially dumb question is what is the best way to seal up the...
  8. Halftwist


    hey Guys was wondering if one petcock would supply enough fuel to work both carbs properly if you just t’d the lines. 13/16 petcock. Thanks
  9. anthony44

    what year is this gas tank?

    Anyone know? Trying to get the correct gas cap. Thanks!
  10. M

    Ethanol Question

    If I use ethanol stabilizer will that prevent the nasty stuff from eating through my fiberglass tank?
  11. B

    left cylinder backfiring cant figure it out

    I havea 1980 xs650 special and no matter what i throw at it i can't seem to solve this. After warm up the left cylinder behinds backfiring and surging getting worse and worse until it's essentially running on 1 cylinder. Leave it overnight and it's back to normal until it warms up and starts...
  12. Noidea

    Carb clogged¿?

    whats up guys as some of u know been trying to get my bike up and running in proper condition I got the timing down it still needs some loving tho waiting for my light to come in so while doing that figured I go in the carbs and figure out why I have basically no idle. First I took left carb...
  13. Dale Harris

    Sold / Found / Inactive - fuel tank '83

    Black fuel tank off an 83 heritage. No leaks, dents, or rust. Fuel valve has no leaks. Comes with 2 matching keys Located in CA, 92584 Make an offer 9515913017
  14. willyt

    Carb problems heeeelp!

    Hi guys I am new to the xs650 owners elite. I have just got me an xs650 1978. I have taken it for one ride and prior to this I had a fiddle with the fuel shutoff valve under the tank just to familiarise myself before potentially running out of fuel. Anyway when I got back fuel was leaking out...
  15. vincejames

    Flames out of exhaust?

    It took me a while to get my XS650 running right. With the help of everyone on this forum, luckily, I think I finally got her running the way she should be. With continuous changes to the carburetor, I finally think I figured out the perfect set up. First I adjusted my cam chain to spec, timing...
  16. GeorgeOC

    New aftermarket fuel tank?

    Hello all, has anyone had any luck finding a good replacement tank that's pretty close to an original XS650 shape? Thanks!
  17. M

    Idle seems to be stuck

    Yesterday I was rolling down the road when the RPMs on my bike started to climb a little higher than usual. At stop signs and such, when I had the clutch in, they went up to and stayed around 5000 RPMs. After a bit of investigation, I discovered that the little lever that the throttle cable...
  18. F

    bike suddenly started idling rich

    So I though I finally had my bike tuned properly. It was pulling hard and running great. No it idles as if the choke was partly on. Just to keep it running standing by itself the idle screw needs to be almost all the out. The midrange on up run smooth but dont seem to pull quite as hard as...
  19. M

    New guy. With a beaut chop xs650

    Just bought a 74/5 chop. The builder never had bike on road. Just likes building chops. He wasn't sure if normal unleaded is ok for it. ???
  20. K

    fuel line on 75 tank to vm34's

    hey guys I was just wondering how you run your fuel lines? as the size from the fuel tap/petcock on the tank requires a smaller size fuel line than the vm34 takes. I also want to run an inline filter but there doesn't seem to be any inline filters that have the smaller barb on one side to...