1. B

    Need help only one cylinder firing

    Greetings!!! I have a 277 rephased 78 that I "rebuilt" and am having trouble with her. FYI the "rebuild" took me roughly 5 years =). 277 Electronic ignition Kit Electronic Ignition Plate & Rotor High Output Ultima Coil HHB CDI kit I got the bike started and idling for a few days at 1100 rpm...
  2. Qwervo

    Bent clutch push rod - Worn out housing

    Hi folks, already posted this in the XCS400 forum but though you might be able to help me as well, as these parts are pretty similar in the xs650. I own an XS400 L Maxim 1984. I've been living with a manageable oil leak for the past 6000 miles, until I decided to investigate it. The leak is...
  3. B

    Xs1100 electrical help

    Hello, I lost the key to my bike and installed a new one, everything was working fine including lights, ignition, and horn. I recently redid the carbs and put on aftermarket intakes, after installing the tank back on and plumbing everything, nothing comes on at all. When turning key, nothing...
  4. M

    Help with 78 special bs38 carbs please advise needed.

    Some background on the bike, it’s all stock and I recently rebuilt the carbs and synced using a digisync. Bike seems to make a “puffing” noise and die while pulling to a stop sign at near full stop. Bike will be impossible to start for awhile until I let it sit for after that. I did not set the...
  5. C

    Wire help xs 850. No spark :(

    Is this the right coil order? Orange 1 , yellow 2, gray 3 ? I have no spark on any plug . Have some confusing wires here. Totally lost. Even have the diagram
  6. NerdyNerd


    I imagine I'm starting to drive you all nuts with my constant questions but I want to be sure I'm getting the correct tires for this bike. it's the 1982 Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special with the spoked inner tube tires. What are the sizes and does anyone have a link to something they suggest? I...
  7. B

    New to me basket case.

    I just acquired a Yamaha chop. It was mostly assembled. After disassembling I noticed the “custom” hard tail was out of plumb almost an inch. I lopped off the rear section and purchased a tc bros hard tail. The cover bracket on the backbone where the top section of the hard tail Mates to the...
  8. D

    Bike won’t stay running after HHB PMA/Ignition swap

    Before I contact Hugh’s hand built again, I figured I’d ask you guys and Facebook first. I am at my wits end though, spending days and days trying figure this out so I truly need some help. 1980 xs650 special bs34’s Prior to swap: Everything bone stock. Fired up and idled alright, but boggy...
  9. Tlted_Jelli

    1983 XS650 New Owner and That Famous Whirring Sound

    Hello All, Just recently purchased a 1983 XS650 that had been converted to a hardtail bobber here is South Jersey. No idea how many miles are on the bike. So far as I can tell it has an XS PMA Charge System and a Pamco Ignition installed with the mechanical auto-advancer. Looks like the frame...
  10. J

    Rear brake resevoir placement

    So im gonna be making s bracket to hold my rear res since it's been fitted with a rear disk instead of drum , but I'm wanting to try my best to hide or cover the res cause tbh it's God damn ugly where it is atm , any ideas of placement ir things you've done
  11. C

    Thinking of buying a 78

    I’m thinking of driving 4 hours to buy this xs650 1978 from a guy who has it in his yard see image its to be just a rolling frame with a seized engine. My concern is will I be able to buy all the miss parts to convert it to a cafe racer any info would be most helpful I’m leaving this weekend...
  12. P

    New to bikes

    I bought a XS-1 (I think) from a a guy off of Craigslist. I've wanted to get into riding and working on bikes for a while, but never had the money. Saw this for $550, and I jumped on the opportunity. That being said, I really don't know anything about getting started. I can say that the bike has...
  13. T

    1974 TX650 Front Caliper Dragging/Locking Up

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am having a very peculiar issue with my 74 TX650. The completely rebuilt front brakes are locking up. To ensure my brakes would work well and I wouldn't have any issues, I bought a new master cylinder, a caliper rebuild kit, new pistons and new pads. I cleaned the...
  14. W

    Can Chain Tensioner fell out, what could be damaged?

    Hello, Last night I went for a ride and on my way home the cam chain tensioner fell out (didn’t realize until this morning when I found a pool of oil under the bike and the tensioner siting under the carb. I believe it happened in the last 30 min of my ride since I didn’t see any oil or...
  15. X

    New here, need some help!!

    Hey guys I have a 81 xs650 kickstart. Have PMA, original points. But now replaced the regulator, capacitor, switched to mikexs ignition gen 2 and new dual output coil. I can't get this bike to start. Got it from craigslist dude lied and said it needed one thing. I can't find a wiring diagram to...
  16. Coleslaw

    Need help wiring - motor identification

    Hello people of the XS nation, I need some assistance, I have been looking for a simplified wiring harness for what I believe is a 1980 xs650sg. The P.O. tore the stock harness to pieces and painted most of it. Trying to make heads or tails of the thing. Here the motor please let me know what...
  17. Sudonate91

    My rebuild journey. (old title: Future owner - Help me identify this 650.)

    My wife's grandfather passed away recently and I have been told I am going to inherit his 650 special. They don't know much about it until lawyers give the release of the title and such. Would anyone help me identify what model/year it is? Here is an album of some photos I took...
  18. jtoolin73

    Measure twice drill once...Need guidance.

    Hope every one is healthy out there. So I was quite sure that I had these holes marked on center, where they needed to be drilled... As you can see my measuring or drilling skills are lacking and my four holes are off by about 1/4 in. These are/were pilot holes just to get an idea of gas tank...
  19. O

    Throttle lagging under 3000

    I have a 78 650 special with mikes commando exhaust, uni foam filters, and VM 34s. When riding it will take a good bit of throttle to get up to about 3000 rpm and then after that it takes off. Would one of those torque inserts be what i need? It also has trouble getting past 5000 rpm any ideas?
  20. O

    Running poor after rebuild

    I had to rebuild my motor because the cam chain tensioner delaminated. Before that though it was running pretty good. Tear the motor apart. Honed cylinders, replaced gaskets, and of course cam chain tensioner. Reset valve clearance and checked timing and cam chain tension. Everything there is...