hoos racing

  1. zrx1100

    700cc kit with a Shell #1 cam in a 78XS650E

    Finally got my 700cc top end rebuilt project to a good intermediate pausing point. Earlier this year, I fitted the 700cc (697cc) JE piston kit and a Shell#1 cam from Hoos. The head underwent a cleanup, 'street porting,' and had Kibblewhite valve springs installed by Roger at R&D Motorcycle...
  2. bt24

    For Sale - Staracer Yamaha 750 Flattracker

    1974 Yamaha XS650/750 Staracer Yamaha 750 Staracer Racing frame Nickle Chromoly XS650/750 New Brembo Brake pads Brembo caliper New Nissin Master Cylinder Pro Taper DT bars Slim line reflex clutch lever & perch F4 Forks w/ new fluid OHLINS Rear shocks Excel 2.50 Wheels/Stainless HD spokes...
  3. CeeAnton

    Degreeing Cam and Valve Lash Correction?

    I have been re-assembling my bored, rephased XS650SJ. I have hit snag while degreeing the cam, and want to ask your advice. Background: Valve job, head re-surfacing, and boring (to 700) by Hoos. 447 crank and cam 277 rephased by Hugh's. New pistons, rings, cam chain, cam guides (both)...
  4. Jack

    Hoos Racing

    Heard through the grapevine that Gary from Hoos Racing will be hanging the hat up for retirement and that day when it comes will be a sad one for XS community,( Gary sells top quality parts not like some) as Probe ignition is calling it quits and 650 Central might be in the same boat if no ones...
  5. J

    Hoos Racing

    Anybody vouch for work they have had done from Hoos Racing. I've seen many companies that have come and gone but they seemed to somehow survived. At least they got that going for them. jefft