1. Muckroot

    Custom wiring diagram review needed

    Hello all, I've sketched up a wiring diagram for my 1975 XS650B, which is a hardtail chopper project. it has the stock alternator, as well as: a TCBro's reg/reg: a TCBro's headlight...
  2. anthony44

    Wanted - stock stator in good condition

    Rebuilding an engine on a budget so im looking for a stock charging system in nice condition that someone has laying around. I had a bunch of them in a box but threw them out last year so im pissed. Mostly looking for stator piece and a good points plate. All the ones on ebay seem shitty and...
  3. motorbreath

    81 xs magneto conversion

    Some more questions for everybody, well i was wondering if i get the pamco ignition setup and i want to do the magneto swap will i need the reg/rec for it? also can i get rid of the tci box? I plan on using HONDA MAGNA V30 VF500 stator i intend to use the hugh's handbuilt thing i cant...
  4. section8joe

    Morris Magneto for XS Just thought I'd share.
  5. Travis

    Permanent Magnet Alternator

    Has anyone ever done the conversion to a permanent magnet alternator? I've heard of people using the alternator off of an RD350. I know there is a good write up here but has anyone here done this?