1. G_YamTech_314

    Wanted - Disc mag wheels no tires

    Looking to score a set of decent condition mag wheels with a rear disc (not the rare and expensive drum mag rear) I'd highly prefer no tires included, as I'll need to buy new anyways, and it makes shipping cost a ton. Who's got 'em? Much appreciated
  2. WPGxs650_brat

    Brake pivot shaft install

    So I have a question! I have recently switched from mag/disk front and rear to, spokes front/disk and rear/drum. I made it simpler by getting a drum swing arm. (Pic 1) So I found a great reference (switch from mag to drum rear) online (Pic 2), showing where to weld/add the required tabs for...
  3. WPGxs650_brat

    78' From mag to disk??

    So much info on here, and I'm still confused a tad. I have a 78' with front and rear disk brakes, with mag's. 19" front and 16" rear. I'm wanting to switch to spokes. Easy enough fix for the rear. Find a spoke rear drum, and if able get the whole swing arm assembly. Question, what years will...
  4. M

    Wheel Compatability

    Looking to build my tracker with mags and disks. Can anyone tell me if 77 RD400 or 77 XS500 wheels and disks will fit my 83 XS650? SR500 wheels are hard to find. Anyone know of any other options out there?
  5. B Burdine97

    Tubed tire on a tubeless rim.. without a tube??

    Good afternoon all, I recently had bought some tubed tires to have installed on my mag wheels, which say on them "Suitable for tubeless tires". I brought these tires, tubes and my wheels to the local motorcycle shop to have them mounted and balanced. The guy who mounted and balanced my tires...
  6. B

    For Sale - Drilled Mags with Knobbies

    Mags from a 1980. Tires have 0 miles on them. Front- Bridgestone Trail Wing 39 90/100-19 Rear Duro Median 130/90-16 $200 takes it all I have rotors and a sprocket I'll throw in for $20 extra. Pick up in Kansas City
  7. D

    For Sale - Set of white 19" mags with speedholes and Shinko 241 tires

  8. M

    Is this wheel from an XS650?

    Finally starting my chopper build and noticed something unusual about the mag only has 4 bolts holding the gear in place. Don't XS650's use 6 bolts? Other than that, it looks like a 650 mag.
  9. offthewall

    Front mag to spoked wheel

    Tried swapping my front mag on my 79 chop to a 77 spoked wheel. The rotor and calliper line up good but the speedo drive won't slide in to its holder and there's about half inch of space between the speedo drive and left fork. Anyone else know anything about this? And remedies?
  10. JNizza92

    Am I missing a spacer?? gap on the axle, mag wheels (between brake and wheel)

    I have a 1978 xs650 special rear end that I am having some trouble with, I can not seem to figure out why I have a gap on the axle between the wheel and the bracket that holds the brake caliper. Here is what I have, going from left side of the bike to right side of the bike (if you are sitting...
  11. charlesincharge09

    HOW TO: Drill mag wheels

    Ok I got bored and figured I'd make a write up on how to drill mag rims since ther isn't one. The hardest part I found was making the templates because of the spacing measurements because I like when the holes go from small to big. The jig fits in nice and tight I start by lightly...
  12. ChopperRobb

    What sizes are rear mags with drum brake?

    So far it seems that the rear drum brake style mag wheels were only 16" wheels? Does anyone know of a wheel that is 18" drum mag that will work without tons of mods?
  13. ChopperRobb

    Trade - WTB or Trade my spokes for mags

    WAS...WTB or Trade my spokes for mags...not now I have a spoke wheel set that I want to trade for a mag wheel set with a rear drum. My rear spoke has drum set up. I'll try to get pics up soon. I've cleaned the hubs and rims...the spokes were shot and rusty, but would consider throwing in a set...