1. G_YamTech_314

    Correct chain tension measurement technique

    Something that has been bothering me since buying a new motorcycle has been the correct way to measure the tension of a chain. In school I had issues getting proper chain measurements in agreeance to the instructors standards because she felt it should be (for example) 25mm of movement without...
  2. gggGary

    Oil level and oil consumption.

    Like most I keep the level between the marks, stick resting on the threads, bike on the centerstand, or sometimes on the ground balanced "upright". Also like most my motors use some oil. Took restomod to the SE rallye, it had about 1500 miles on the oil when I left. Had probably added a quart...
  3. GeorgeOC

    Motor rebuilt, but still a just a roller - upkeep?

    Thanks for any replies to what I hope might be an easy one... I've recently finished a motor rebuild, and the bike is back together. But, its definitely a few weeks if not months from firing up. Should I fill it with oil, and cycle (via kickstart) the motor every so often to keep things...
  4. C

    Opening engine, what to do?

    I've been riding my bike for the laat seven years without having to do any major repairs, but at my last oil change I noticed small chunks of plastic in the oil. So I figure its time to replace the cam chain guide. While I'm at it, I'm going to fix the leaking gaskets and the clutch pushrod...
  5. D

    Bike runs good until it dies

    Hello forum, long time creeper, first time poster I need some haaalp! I'm a new rider and this is my first bike. It's needed some work but I've been happy to dig in and get to know the machine. The Bike: 1982 Heritage Special, stock pipes, jetting etc. xscharge PMA, pamco ignition...
  6. Mitchy mitch

    1973 tx650: BS38 carb rebuild prices

    Ive ran into a problems rebuilding my carburetors. I would rather have someone that knows what they are doing rebuild them and save me a huge headache.. Ive seen posts where people offer rebuilding them for $25 bucks each but i was not able to find them. So i was wondering if anyone can link me...
  7. 74xsBobber

    Dead left cylinder

    Hi, Recently got back into the xs650 scene after picking up a clean 1983 heritage special that was stored for a good periods of time... after getting it running I noticed the left cylinder is cold (exhaust). I've check spark and it's all good,compression is also good and new plugs. Cylinder...
  8. angus67

    white wires read high on stator

    Hi guys. Im testing some components for my 1980 xs650 motor I will be putting in a go cart. (wheel barrow hot rod) My rotor is good at 5.3 ohms, but using curley's charging guide, When I test the stator, on the white wires im getting 1 ohm on one white wire, and .8 ohm on the other two. Curly...
  9. michaelpthompson

    Bleeding the front brake

    OK, trying to bleed the front brake on my '75 XS650B. PO said it worked fine when he parked it (of course), but the reservoir was dry. I put a wrench on the bleeding nipple (looks like a grease zerk, is that right?), got a tube onto the nipple, other end in the standard peanut butter jar. Filled...
  10. pat_in_the_hat

    Low top speed

    Alright, just trying to brain storm why my bike isnt running the best and maybe someone has an idea of something I could change/try. Bike seems run just fine until im in 5th gear trying to get up to higher speeds. It just doesnt want to get above 55 mph. It revs out and doesnt want to go any...
  11. JRay77

    Pamco Pete....

    Has anyone had difficulty contacting Pamco Pete? Guy promised me a new plate 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard shit back. Getting pissed. :wtf::banghead:
  12. gggGary

    VFD use running a 3 phase motor off single phase 220 power

    Trying to pull the trigger on a VFD. As usual I am looking at the cheap chinese stuff on fleabay. I have a 1/2HP 3 phase baldor buffer running on a VFD but just grabbed a 1.5HP 3 phase baldor, now I need to power it. Kinda thinking going oversize for reliability and so I can power other 3...
  13. E

    Crankcase cover install

    Hello everyone. So I go to do the dry fit before I put the gasket on my crankcase cover and the thing won't go on the engine. The left side of the cover (kick start side) goes on but the right side with the tach gear just won't. I figure it has something to do with lining up the gears but it...
  14. Brassneck

    Plug chop, too lean I think?

    Hey All, '79 Special II, all stock engine. Earlier this year I de-restricted my exhaust a bit (punched 1/2" hole in the stock baffle) and have really enjoyed the improved "Oomph" in the motor...and the sound is perfect for me. However, the other day I was thinking that perhaps I...
  15. G

    Vibration issue

    Hello fellow XS650 enthusiasts, I am having an issue which I don't know what causes it. My 1981 xs650 vibrates like crazy. I have just finished another tune-up: adjusted cam chain tensioner, adjusted valves, tried adjusting timing with a newly bought strobe light and realized that my model...
  16. D

    Points ignition

    Hello all! I have a basket case 82 xs650 that is missing quit a few things. This bike has a kick start and a starter on it. I want it to be kick start so would I need to install points? Thanks
  17. C

    Broken choke feed tube...

    When I pulled my carbs apart the choke feed tube was just sitting in the bowl.. Do I need this for the bike to run or no.. Anyway I can fix it?. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  18. J

    XS1-B proper valve clearance

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and xs650's in general, so i apologize for any stupid questions but i just purchased an original 5,000 mile '71 XS1-B with everything stock minus the paint (the original owner who i purchased it from repainted it in the 80's to a horrible black/rainbow flake color)...
  19. E

    I have a wire but don't know where it goes

    hello I had to dismount and paint my battery compartment and when I put it back I have a little black wire about 10cm long with round terminal with hols to be screwed. Does anybody know where it goes ? My bike is 1H1 1978 Europ model
  20. phatbiker

    Where to go for XS650 performance tuning in Northeast US

    Fellow XS650 Addicts, I recently acquired a street tracker that was freshly built by a forum member in my area of Phialdelphia PA. I am looking for XS experienced mechanics and or shops in the Northeast that have a track record for good performance tuning of XS650 engines. My bike is pulling...