1. Samuraiace

    Piston Pin Clips

    I'm trying to find a local place that might sell the Piston pin clips. Anybody pick these up somwhere other than online? I was hoping to get everything together and not have to wait for shipping.:D
  2. weekendrider

    Used bikes. Does condition matter or just cheap.

    I'm wondering how much to put into this '81. Untitled non-runner when I acquired it. Titled,wiring harness sorted, rotor replaced, brushes replaced, vaccum petcock kit, carbs cleaned and synced, turn signals, bars, replacement seat cover and now working on the front brakes. So far I not out...
  3. lawrgj

    Thinkin about starting an xs club in portland

    Hey all, I just got back from the 1 show in portland, It is fantastic to see a community of bikers out there that just love what they do... It was a trip, Got me thinking however... What if we start an xs club in PDX and next year we rep at the show, I am thinking a few rides, a...
  4. A

    oil change interval in hours

    I'm keeping my bike simple and trying for Ive got no gauges. No odometer meant before I changed the oil when I "felt" like I had gone a thousand miles. Just recently did a top end overhaul and I'm going to try to keep on top of maintenance a little better. What I did was put...
  5. wherearewe

    35 mm fork still good?

    Couple of quick questions about forks> 1. What is the purpose of the grey material on the inner of the fork lower? What is it made of? Either myself or the PO scratched it when removing the fork seal on one of mine. :doh: All good? In the photo it looks like a rust patch, but its not. Its...
  6. rich_mcd

    Carb Rebuild Tutorial - with photos

    I dont know if this is a repost or not, if so. I will delete it. I stumbled across this tutorial on carb rebuilds with lots of photos and if you are anything like like photos. It just helped me visualize a lot of the things that were listed on the other carb guide on this site...
  7. lawrgj

    Need help with last 2 issues

    I have to post this as a separate thread caus no one loves me anymore... no one reads my restoration thread anymore... damn I am whiny... two issues so far, need some advice, 1. plugs keep getting carbon fouled, not so bad they wont fire, but I would like them to be cleaner, is this just...
  8. Royboy

    77D Handlebar Riser Mounts Are Loose

    Putting the final touches on reassembly of the 77D resto. When the bike showed up I didn't spend much time diagnosing the controls before total disassembly. Now that she's going back together I find there is a lot of "slack" in the riser mounts where they pass thru the top tree. All the parts...
  9. pamcopete

    Reusing the Fuel "T"

    The original BS34 carburetor fuel "T" can be reclaimed and used again. 1. Start by stripping the rubber coating off of it. 2. Then, cut two sections of 1/4 Neoprene gas line and insert them into the cab inlets. 3. Start to press the "T" into the Neoprene inserts in each carb 4. Use a...
  10. gggGary

    Fork seal experience any good bad comments about brands?

    I want to order in some fork seals and dust covers for the herd and I am wondering if anyone has had good or bad experience with various brands and venders of fork seals? Action, leaks, longevity, fit?
  11. lawrgj

    Cam chain tensioner cover stuck on adjuster

    Title says it all guru's, I changed my filter to the heiden tuning oil cooler filter setup tonight. noticed that there was some black plastic (tiny bits like sand size) on my filter, now this bike has 1900 miles on it and i have ran it for less than an hour. so I dont think my guide is going...
  12. Gio_rosa16

    About to bash my face into the wall with this starter issue.

    So, the other day I got my 78 special fired up and took it fr a few spins around the block to get this moving. After about 20 mins of riding and getting te motor warm, I turned it off to check out the carbs, but when I went to start it, it would not fire back up. I tried to give a little...
  13. lawrgj

    Cleaning up after build, lotsa parts!

    Hey all, Rounding the bend on my resto mod. I have a ton of parts, if you need anything ask, center stand, master cyl 78 special grab bar points chopped harness headlight ears headlight bucket oem headpipes kickstarter solid state reg ss rec chrome headlight bucket signals...
  14. C

    Loss of power/bogging down when in gear.

    Decided to take the bike for a spin today since the weather was nice, I fired her up and let her idol for 20 min. Been noticing some popping lately at idol as well as in gear throttling off. Left side I think. When I took off up my street instantly notice a decrease in power. I ride with no...
  15. Royboy

    Bearing oil seals with sealed bearings

    The 77D resto project gets new wheel bearings today. Question....if we are using sealed bearings rather than the OEM caged type are the oil seals normally installed outside of the bearings needed? MMM at 650 Central thought not and while I would never doubt him, I'd like a second opinion...
  16. peanut

    Yamaha XS650 sump filter plate

    ooooh there are some nice things being manufactured at the moment . i'm ordering one of these .:thumbsup:
  17. OgCoda

    Best Bang For Your Buck- P.M.A./Ignition System

    So I have been reading up about these "PMA" systems people are running in there bikes and frankly I think you would be dumb not to... I figure I'll do the PAMCO electronic ignition at the same time. My only problem is that i'm not 100% dead set on a kit. I (Like everyone else) i'm looking to get...
  18. wherearewe

    Brake Disc Retaining Bolts - Loctite ?

    Just like the title says, should I use loctite on the retaining bolts for my disc to the hub (in addition to the locking tabs). Blue or Red?:thumbsup:
  19. Lester

    Dimensions of Brass Swing Arm Bushings

    Hey guys, I have a lathe and a bunch of brass and I would like to turn out my own swingarm bushings... Does anybody have a set not installed yet that they can measure and give me the dimentions in millimeters??? I am particularly interrested in the collar thick and inside diameter, but all...
  20. C

    Newb - Need Some Opinions after Oil Change Findings

    I have just aquired a 79 special with no bike history. During my first oil change i found some metal/plastic shavings in the side cover filter and larger plastic pieces in the sump filter Does this sound/look like cam chain guide? (See pictures). I am looking for opionions on what I "NEED" to...