1. B

    VAPE ignition Issues (and more)

    Hi first post apologies for any issues i haven't used a forum in forever. Ive just purchased an XS650 Herritage Special that was imported from the US and every fault i try to fix seems to multiply. When i purchased it the previous owner had fitted VAPE electronic ignition, MikesXS headers and...
  2. K

    Mikuni Throttle Plate / Butterfly Valve #135 Production Run

    Hello all! First post on here so bare with me. I have done some research into acquiring a very specific part, the #135 throttle plate, on the BS series Mikuni carbs and have come up short. I've read many posts of people looking for one only to be told that they no are longer manufactured and to...
  3. X

    BS38 Throttle Cutaway

    Hey everyone, I’m running over the carbs on my 79 special. I’ve got everything up to spec, but I am interested in how to determine my throttle cutaway. I know what cutaway is but in my manual, the spec for my cutaway is listed as #120. Can anyone tell me what this means?? cheers!
  4. oberling

    Anybody got any experience with running flatslide carbs?

    My carbs are in rough shape and I bought a pair of Mikuni style flat slide carbs (same size as OEM) that I want to eventually swap onto the bike. I'm wondering if anybody has any idea what would be a good jet size to start out with to make tuning slightly less painful. My engine is stock. Thanks!
  5. H

    BS38 Trouble

    Hey folks, I'm in a pickle with my carbs here. Just finishing up a custom build on a 73 tx650 frame with a mid 70's xs motor. I'm using the BS38's (for looks, against my better judgement). I have rebuilt and cleaned them, replaced bowl gaskets and float valves jets etc. Didn't mess with the...
  6. bt24

    For Sale - **SOLD**Mikuni 38 VM Carbs jetted for XS 650/750

    For sale (2) Mikuni 38 VM carburetors already jetted for XS 650/750 Both in very good condition $200.00 **FREE shipping in the US! Pay-Pal preferred If interested please e mail bryantrippe@msn.com Thank you Bryan
  7. A

    Pics of Mikuni RS/TM 34 flatslide pumpers on my 1977 XS650D

    There was a request for some pics in another thread, but I think a new post is more appropriate. I got these carbs from Mikuni-Topham in Germany. The spigots are 40 mm OD, so I used "PM-05" rubbers from Allens Performance in the UK. These also fit VM34 carbs, and are straight, so the back end of...
  8. GeorgeOC

    Sold / Found / Inactive - SOLD - Mikuni BS38 Carburetors $150

    For sale, a set of good condition BS38 carbs. Photos below. Shipping is from 92675. Thanks!
  9. jasidok

    What’s the best air filter?

    i guess there are different sub categories in here, to be fair. And I guess my question is leaning more towards aftermarket pod filters. Rather than air box. I now have mikuni vm34s and I also now have both UNI and K&N air filters. So my question is which one would be better suited for Mikunis...
  10. Halftwist


    hey Guys was wondering if one petcock would supply enough fuel to work both carbs properly if you just t’d the lines. 13/16 petcock. Thanks
  11. L

    Grinding a carb slide cutaway...

    Would anyone have any tips on grinding/filing a carb slide cutaway? I had a 2.0 slide installed on my VM34’s but I was getting the black plugs after 50 mile problem. Throttle response was great though. I moved to a 2.5 slide to cure that problem but now my initial throttle response is poor due...
  12. Little J

    For Sale - BS38 carbs, UNI filters, reg/rec

    Make me an offer on this set of Mikuni bs38’s! I have just cleaned them pretty well and have an uninstalled rebuild kit (new gaskets, needles, jets) but have decided to go the vm34 route. Carbs run great and the UNI filters were mounted for less than 100 miles on a 79 SF (one small cut inside...
  13. Dale Harris

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Bs34 plastic needle spacer

    Needing just 1 of the plastic slide needle spacers for the mikuni BS34 carbs. Part is circled in red. Anyone have one they would like to sell or can let me know where to source them? Thanks
  14. 1973 TX650 Chopper

    Am I running lean on new Mikuni VM TC Bros carbs?

    I'm a newb and I've learned a lot already on this forum and am really grateful. My 1973 TX650 is nearly finished as I just completed a pamco ignition upgrade along with new Mikuni VM roundslide 34mm performance carb kit by TC Bros. I have the bike running and have driven it a few times. I've set...
  15. Mitchy mitch

    Wanted - Bs38 floats in good condition

    Looking to but two bs38 floats. I need them to be in good condition. No holes, dents, etc..
  16. C

    750cc Mikunis?

    Hey guys. Just curious what size Mikunis are you running on your 750 conversions? Just wondering what everyone is doing and opinions. Thanks. Chris
  17. rowdyrandy

    cross country carb question

    Tax time is here and I was thinking about looking into some different carbs for the bike. Right now I have the stock Bs38's and they've been fine, no real complaints, I'm running Uni's as well. The only I will say is that anytime I crack the throttle open from idle, I get a breathy kind of gasp...
  18. ercwndt

    "Quick" Carb Question

    I picked up a used set of carbs (in amazing condition, for a great price). They have the "1" style needle jet, do I need the #2 style needle jet. Any help would be great. Mostly worked with Dellorto PHBGs for previous projects.
  19. B

    1972 dual cable solex carbs let side sputtering

    I can get an idle on my solex carbs although when I take the filters off and raise the right carb throttle by hand the diaphram lifts as normal and the rpms go up .. When I do the same to the left (main with carb choke)carb the diaphram does not lift and makes a sputtering noise like it's not...
  20. D

    Dual sidedraft mikuni?

    Ok new here so first hello to everyone. I have previously owned a 1980 XS Special 2, restored it and loved it. Needed a new roof on the house and the estimator loved it more. Soooooo.......... Anyway the household finance manager has shown some pity and is allowing a new project. I figure...