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  1. K

    Bought my first cafe (XS650 1974)

    Hello guys, figured out I'd join this forum since I'll be working on this project from now on. I have absolutely no clue about mechanic, so my goal is to learn and master this bike in and out. I'll be moving soon in a house with a garage so that will be best for me to work on it. Tried it...
  2. T

    New member XS650-J - model question

    Hi All, I am new into XS650 world, not necessarily new to oldtimers/vintage bikes, and wanted to say Hi to the community. I posted some carb question on XS650 fb profile and due several questions, Joe advised to switch here and present my bike, asking for your experience regarding the...
  3. Tlted_Jelli

    1983 XS650 New Owner and That Famous Whirring Sound

    Hello All, Just recently purchased a 1983 XS650 that had been converted to a hardtail bobber here is South Jersey. No idea how many miles are on the bike. So far as I can tell it has an XS PMA Charge System and a Pamco Ignition installed with the mechanical auto-advancer. Looks like the frame...
  4. CWebbie78

    New Member

    Hello, I havent been an active member here just a longtime lurker. I have a couple of XS650s that I started building about 5 or 6 years ago, one is hardtailed and the other is a street tracker. The rigid bike was just a rubbermaid tub full of "XS650 Parts" that I bought on Craigslist for $250. I...
  5. MadMax1996

    New license Old bike New passion New member

    Howdy folks, Glad to see there's what appears to be a bunch of people from all over the world who share the same money pit of a hobby I'm falling into. I'm here to soak up just about everything there can be known about my new passion in bike restoration. Specifically regarding my 1975...
  6. L

    Dumb Speedo Question

    Hi, I’m new to XS650’s and motorcycles in general. The bike I bought came with a speedometer and cable, but I can’t figure out where on the bike the cable goes. If anyone could post a picture of it, I’d appreciate it
  7. T

    Top bearing set bottom race

    Hello! I am new to this thread as of about 5 minutes ago, I've had a great time working on my first build with my 81 xs650 but have run into what I hope is just a small hiccup.. I'm installing moto Iron springer forks, and have everything removed and ready except for the bottom race of the...
  8. Pangolin9

    Basket Case Bobber.

    Greetings from a new member. I have been given a rusty hardtail basket case. I have just whats in the pictures and the engine side covers. I'm trying to get more of it from the previous owner, but it is a start. Having talked with a serious builder, and he estimated I could finish it for under...
  9. Grimmith

    My First Bike/ Bike Project

    I'm getting a 79 xs650 in two days, and plan on getting what I need to make it run. Any recomendations on websites for parts or aftermarket parts? I'ts been in a garage for six years but still is in pretty good shape. Anything thing I should look for right away? I'm a bit new to bikes for...
  10. J

    75 Broken Teeth on Fourth Gear?

    Hello all, As you can tell I'm new here, I signed up a couple weeks ago and have been soaking up as much information as I can. I recently picked up a 75 XS650 in pieces that the PO had been rebuilding. He said the bike had no compression when he bought it and he found the rings were stuck in...
  11. michaelpthompson

    I guess I've joined your club now...

    What a great forum! Glad to meet you all. I was sitting on a friend's back patio, drinking beer with some friends, when one of them happened to mention that he had a 1975 Yamaha that he'd part with for $200. Not running, uncertain history, but $200? I mean, how could I turn that down? Haven't...
  12. Gibson

    New member

    Hi, I'm new to the site. I have a 76 650C I've had it about a year. It was last inspected and on the road in 84, so it had many issues. Runs good now. Love these bikes!
  13. sweet_ride_55

    Non-Ethanol Gas for $1.95 Per Gallon!

    Hello, this is my first post. However, I joined the Forum in July of 2015. I really enjoy the knowledge and comments from the members and the Awhile back, I had a great experience dealing with member Royboy, who provided me with a fine set of original pipes for my '83 Heritage...
  14. rawhidekid

    Just saying hello

    I'm a new member of the Xs650 Forum, getting a 2011 XS650 Custom on 1 September, The bike only has 950 miles on the odometer so I guess we will both be getting broken in. I rode for twenty years and then stopped for 20 years, so I am getting the XS650 to get my riding skills back again...
  15. E

    New member looking for advice!

    Hey guys! I just picked up a 1977 XS650 for 200.00 and I tried to start it, but nothing. I pulled off the plug boot and got no spark from it. I know how useful the search button is, but it is useless if you have no idea what you are looking for.:banghead: Are there any stickys or threads on...
  16. JayR

    New owner 1982 XS650J Heritage Special

    Advice? Hairy Electrical Mess - New owner 1982 XS650J Heritage Special Hi everyone- I've been a member of the site for 3 months now, looking for a motorcycle and hemming and hawing about what to buy - and what's available. Thanks to the expert advice of many of you, I finally pulled the trigger...
  17. vtwinsrgood

    New to the Forum/New to the XS

    Have been lurking for the last few weeks, but finally signed up. Picked up my first XS last weekend. No idea what I may have in the garage, but its only had one owner since new and sat for the last 4yrs in his garage. Price was right too :P Cheers VT
  18. pk4hnd

    Intro, me and the bike

    I purchased a 79 Special several years ago and it has sat waiting on some attention til recently. I have lurked the list since then and collected some invaluable tips, tricks, and new info. I owned a 77D years ago and loved it, so I am looking forward to getting my 79 back on the road. It is...