1. Blair_repair

    Small spring found in oil change

    Just picked up an 1980 xs as a parts bike for a chopper build. Engine runs fine but I needed to remove it to prep the frame for a hard tail. When I was draining the engine oil there was this small spring magnetized to the drain plug. I haven’t done a whole lot of engine work on these bikes and...
  2. Coleslaw

    Need Help with oil Seals

    I have been looking every where for a Complete oil seal kit for my 73' tx650 and I am in need of some help. I found this on ebay https://www.ebay.com/i/363178151307?ul_noapp=true let me know what you guys think, or would recommend.
  3. O

    Oil leaks after top end rebuild

    Hello. I had just done a top end rebuild to replace a bad cam chain tensioner and now i have oil leaking from the mating surface of the head and jugs. I have torqued everything down to spec 3 separate times with all new washers and cant get it to go away. Any idea why this is happening and if I...
  4. Muckroot

    XSJohn's right side hotter theory - explored

    In another thread on this site XSJohn mentioned something that would lower cylinder temps by 20+ degrees. I am REALLY interested in finding out exactly what John was talking about here, so I did some digging. XSJohn's comments are in blue for clarity. This is a start, but there has to more...
  5. Muckroot

    Fork identification & rebuild help

    Hello, I have a set of forks I'm trying to rebuild and I've got a bit of a quandary. I purchased this set of forks with my XS650 under the assumption that they were XS650 forks but that does not appear to be the case! 5twins suggested in another thread that they may be from an XS500 given that...
  6. Muckroot

    limping with stock forks - or worth the rebuild?

    Hello folks, I've got me heart set on a nice set of TCBros front springer forks. the construction looks super solid from their video, and they come with lots of support in terms of calipers, bar mounts, and all that rigamarole. the trouble is, with all this corona quarantine happening i am...
  7. Muckroot

    John's Oil cooler questions

    I saw Johns post regarding adding an oil cooler from the larger displacement Yamaha's of the day to the 650, and I've been absolutely determined to do the same to my bike so I can take it all over the states and possibly down through Mexico with less chance of breaking down during long rides...
  8. DaveO

    What's the best oil for my motorcycle

    Saw this and thought of you lot. Dave
  9. MadeThatMyself

    Heiden Sump Filter- Reviews?

    I removed my sump filter last night to find the classic torn mesh on what appears to be the original filter. After doing some forum research, it looks like the MikesXS filters seem to work, but really aren't any more durable that the OEM ones that have been repaired with JB weld, sheet metal...
  10. Port

    Oil leak - bottom of enginer

    I recently got my bike running and i have since noticed another slight oil leak when i park it. I get a couple of drops on the ground as soon as i park it but not much after that. I need to replace the crush washers and want to cover as many of these possible causes as i can while i have the...
  11. E

    Aluminum shavings in the oil

    I have just finished restoring an ’83 Heritage Special which had not been ridden since late ’05 and only has 6800 original miles. When I started the project I changed the oil and did not notice any shavings, but that oil was very dirty and I might just have not noticed any. After getting it...
  12. R

    RH cover leak

    I had to fish for the tach drive washer on my ‘76 650C so I took the RH cover off. Fished it, out everything back together (save the kickstart), then discovered I tore my old gasket so it started to leak. Looked like the original so I decided it’s time to replace. Chipped off the old gasket...
  13. Oil Cap Finished

    Oil Cap Finished

    Oil cap for my 77 xs650 D. FOR SALE If interested. $100 OBO. I still have to smooth everything out thought.
  14. L

    XS650 oil change help.

    Hello i am relatively new to this forum, and I have been told that people can be really helpfull on these things so I was wondering how to change the oil on an xs650 that my dad has out in the shed he says if i can get it running we will get a couple motocross bikes. so could you help me with...
  15. Noidea


    I recently got my 73 tx650 to run after I got the timing right or so i thought i did. I rode it just locally but it usually would just die when I wouldnt ugas it no gas = dead bike (no idle bascially) it would completely turn off and it leaks a lot of gas im not quite sure where from but the...
  16. JaxShane650

    What's this noise coming from my engine? (video)

    So my bike fell over not too long ago and before it did it did not make this noise. Before it fell the timing chain was tensioned correctly and valve clearances were in spec. I've just recently re adjusted the cam chain tension, but haven't adjusted valve clearances yet. I don't see why they...
  17. JaxShane650

    Oil Filter Suggestions/Questions

    Okay so I drained the oil in my 1980 xs650 for the first time and found the usual gunk and tiny bits of metal that seems somewhat normal from what I have read on this thread. I drained the oil out and took both filters out and they look like they are in pretty bad shape. Here is some pictures...
  18. B

    help oil excessive oil coming out of breather and one head bolt

    hey guys need a couple of expert opinions here. so i have a 74 xs650, i recently straight piped it and shortly after noticed that there was a very excessive amount of oil coming out of the breather tubes at the top of the motor. enough that it is a fairly constant drip coming out while i ride...
  19. R

    Does this mean I need to take apart my engine?

    I know this obviously means something is wearing in the engine. Is there a way to find what's wearing out without tearing into the engine? Could it be a piston? Is it pointless to ask what it could be and better to just start digging in until I find something? Also is this why the bike would be...
  20. B

    What oil do you use and why?

    Now that it's getting hot again I was wondering what everybody out there in XS Land uses during the summer months. I have about 75 miles on a fresh top end using rotella 15w40 and I'm thinking I want to switch to something heavier for the heat and to maybe quiet down the top end a little. thanks!