1. desmoman900

    NW Georgia Swapmeet Nov 12

  2. T

    For Sale - 1975 XS650 Parts Lot

    Hello everybody, have an entire bike disassembled and parts are for sale. Has not been sitting for long, less than 6-8 months. Was running before disassembly, just wanted to rebuild it. Have title for frame. Make offers If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you!
  3. Grimmith

    For Sale - XS650 part lot 72' - 75' Part one

    All types of parts, make offers? I won't ask for much as long as you pay shipping, which will include the shipping label and tracking number. This is a Part 1 post because of so many pictures, part two will be in a minute. I'm also willing to take apart an engine for other parts if needed...
  4. JayTheWrench

    For Sale - Xs650 parts, pre and post 1980

    Listed are parts that are pictured and being sold in as-is condition. All stock parts for pre 1980 and 1980 and newer. Front headlight (sealed)- $25 Rear tail light assembly (needs splice) $30 Turn signals- $40 a pair or $75 all 4 Misc relays- $20 for all Center light cluster- $25 OEM horn- $15...
  5. W

    Top End Rebuild - What Parts are needed?/What Other Parts should be replaced?

    Hello, This past weekend my 1977 XS650D broke down when I was on a ride where I lost power(couldnt go past 30mph in 5th gear) and oil started coming through the left exhaust. I anticipate this being caused by Piston Rings, Exhaust Valve issues, or a damaged Piston. To determine which and...
  6. Muckroot

    Case Compatibility

    Hello all, I have the guts from a 1975 447 motor but the case has unfortunately been tended to at some point by a chimpanzee. All four of the locating pins for the crank bearings on the upper case have been smashed in because the bearings weren't lined up properly when the halves were...
  7. pckopp

    For Sale - Big used parts collection Not me. These are good guys.
  8. Muckroot

    Engine rebuild advice needed

    Hello all, I am new to the site and this is my first post. Please forgive any formatting errors. I recently purchased and tore down my very own 1975 XS650B and I have some questions regarding where to go from where I am at. I currently have the engine completely apart, and have a shop that can...
  9. C

    Help! Steel Slugs

    I'm rebuilding a 1980 special and have 2 matching steel slugs that I cant find a place for! Image attached with a quarter for reference.
  10. XSsex50

    Aus Parts Buy/Sell/Trade

    Hey dudes, was thinking we could start a market place for parts within Aus if people were looking for something inpaticular. It was hard for me to find 35mm forks within Aus and had to get a front end from our American brothers. Post it up!
  11. D

    For Sale - 1980 XS 650 chopper FOR SALE $2,000 Tampa, FL

    I'll provide most of the info and some pics but for all the details I ask that you call or email me. I am not trying to get top dollar for this I don't believe. The 21" front and 18" rear rim really makes this bike look amazing in it's lowered stance. 1980 XS 650 Chopper: CLEAN TITLE hardtail...
  12. Slaserj

    For Sale - XS650 Parts from an '81 Special

    XS650 Parts from an '81 Special with 7k original miles: Rear Fender ($50): Chrome, pretty great condition, a couple of tiny beginnings of rust spots Gauges ($80): Perfect, 7k original miles. Look new. Seat ($40): Good for it's age, material is crackling a little, one small beginning of a split...
  13. cmarts

    Make Offer - 1975 Yamaha XS-B Original Parts in Good Condition

    I recently purchased a 1975 yamaha XS-B and it came with a box of original parts that were removed from the bike. The bike was an original barn find so thats why the parts are in pretty great shape. Items for sale include: -front fender -rear fender with original brake/signal lights -handles...
  14. Grimmith

    Any Hire For Engraving?

    next will be my forks, then my exhaust..I'm not anywhere close to being done with this ( hopefully done in a couple weeks) I used to carve wood, so I gave metal a try. I can definitely get better at it quickly. I won't charge much at all, I could even draw up some badass designs for future...
  15. B

    Wanted - 72 xs650 parts

    Looking for some stock take off parts pretty much all the stuff that ends up under the bench when your building a chopper I have a 1972 xs650 Im leaving this bike vintage patina so covers and seat dont need to be perfect Need Complete airbox All cables and lines brake throttle clutch...
  16. L

    Make Offer - Misc XS Parts

    1982 Heritage Special: side covers, upper and lower complete seat, no tears in cover, little scale rust on pan rear shocks swing arm speedo and tach assembly I am making a bobber from this bike so if there is something you need just ask. 1981 XS650: mag front and rear wheels fork assembly with...
  17. H

    Free - A few 81 Special parts - SoCal

    Hey guys, Got a few spare parts laying around that need a good home. -Seat (has a 1-2 inch tear on the top along one of the seams. Also the vinyl needs to be reattached on the underside. But otherwise good condition.) -Side covers -Electric starter motor (works) -Sissy bar -Headlight assembly...
  18. wally_nd

    BS34 throttle plate and shaft - advice and or parts needed

    Working on my 1980 XS and found I had leaking carb shaft seals. Ground down the staked ends of the throttle plate screws but could not get the screws out. I tried drilling out the screws on the right carb and fear I didn't get the drill centered in the screw and will never get the threads clean...
  19. A

    For Sale - Low mileage project or parts bike

    1985 XS650 Heritage Special, original owner, 5,700 miles, black. Ran until the "T" gas pipe cracked and couldn't fine a replacement. Spent the last 20 years sitting in a garage. It's time to find it a good home. $200 gets you a bike that can be rebuilt, or a ton of usable parts. Tallahassee, FL
  20. JayR

    What parts did you buy that you gave to your spouse etc. to give back to you on Xmas?

    Well it's parts related so maybe this is OK for the garage? Me first - new Buchanan spokes for my rear wheel.