1. B

    Chicago lurker here

    Been lurking on these boards for a few years. I was gifted a 1975 XS650 out of a garage where it'd been sitting for 12 years, with 13k miles on it. My first motorcycle. Thanks mostly to these forums and a couple hundred hours learning how to wrench my bikes been running strong for thousands of...
  2. Travis

    Cool XS650 Photography, Pictures

    Check these out from CWhatPhotos, This guy takes great shots! :thumbsup:
  3. XS650RR

    Let's See The XS's

    Ok boys show the goods .... You have all seen mine, but I'll start off the thread .....:thumbsup:
  4. Travis

    Motorcycles you've owned

    What motorcycles have you owned? Post 'em up. I'll start 2007 Yamaha FZ1, converted to European naked version 2005 Yamaha R6, raven 2003 Yamaha R6, limited edition 1997 Suzuki GS500E, nice little bike, only had 4,000 miles on it 1996 Yamaha Virago 750, didn't own it...