1. tvullo

    My 81 Chopper

    Hey guys, Ive been lurking here long enough without a post. This is my project that I've had kicking around for a few years. I bought it when I was 16, it was a hard-tail rat-bike that was sitting in someones garage for years. I got it running and rode it for the remainder of that year. Over...
  2. gggGary

    70 survivor on fleabay

    Hold my beer and watch THIS. started watching at $1300 this morning,reserve met at $2000 two hours later. :popcorn: :bike: :popcorn:
  3. N

    Back on an XS, few quirks to fix up.

    Couldn't give up on these twins. Picked up a nearly all stock '75 with low miles. Very proud of this find. Today the left spark plug wire shocked me in the damn leg, any easy remedy for this? Also, is a leak common from this spot in the third picture? Dripping a little more than I'd like...
  4. wiganmatt

    1980 XS650 Tracker Project (UK)

    Hi All I'm pretty new to the forum but have already read and seen a lot of helpful threads to get me going with the new build. I bought my first XS650 about 6 month ago as a project to work on over the winter. A 1980 stock XS650, I actually bought 3 of these at the same time as when I got...
  5. D

    My once a year update...

    For the past 6 years I've been tinkering with my XS every winter so that I have it back on the road for the riding season. This winter I powder coated/ polished the wheels. I figure 2 more winters and I'll be done...I think. Here's some pics of my updates...
  6. TwoManyXS1Bs

    Once upon a time in 1975

    Long ago, about this time in 1975, San Antonio, Texas About 40 years ago, I arrived at the shop early one morning, and found a madhouse of activity. Trucks, moving vans, RVs, etc, parked everywhere around the shop. Crews had been there since the wee hours of the night, completely...
  7. P

    XS650 trip to Argentina (old history)

    Just found this forum, and I trust I am not violating some rule in posting this trivia. I used to be a test-rider for Yamaha in the US when they were in Buena Park, CA. In 1977 I borrowed a 1977 XS650 and rode it to the end of the road just a bit beyond Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. I just...
  8. D

    Brother from another mother

    My 83 heritage special and my buddys 82 xj650 out for a ride :D:bike:
  9. G

    Restoring 1981 XS650 as my first bike!

    Hello everyone, I have recently became an owner of 1981 XS650! I bought this bike as a side project from my friend's acquaintance. The bike has been originally found on the junkyard and was bought out for a nominal price. My friend's acquaintance was able to get the bike starting and running...
  10. M

    Bike build! project "Justifiable homicide"

    Picked up this 78 special for a fair price. She has a rather seemingly dark history with a ground off and restamped Vin, 81 motor, false year on title, and not to mention I bought it out of a pole barn in the middle of nowhere from someone who knew a few too many mob stories. I know I know its...
  11. R

    Visual Impact Brat build

    73 frame/78 motor Visual Impact brat build finished. Shortened forks 2". Lots of new parts. Runs great.
  12. Sonnylynnvick75

    Last night I scored a storage unit find.

    I looked at the craigslist parts and accesories page and I saw an ad for Kawasaki motorcycle (parts). The listing said: Selling a late 60's early 70's Kawasaki H1 H2? Motorcycle and extra frame for parts, no title. Motor cranks over, that's all I know about the condition. And by that I knew...
  13. fox23

    Starter bendix shaft countersunk screw?

    Can anyone provide me a part number or source of buying a new pan head countersunk screw that goes into the shaft base of the starter bendix? pics below... thanks guys!
  14. Sonnylynnvick75

    I'm somwehat moved into my new shop

    If you read my thread last week, I took a hiatus from all forums. My grandfather who was my best friend and bike mentor commited suicide. As his only grandson he left me his house, fully paid for, with a basement garage as well as a fully stocked 1200 sq foot garage. I remodeled the house and...
  15. fox23

    potential new bike, help ID aftermarket parts...

    I went to look at a potential new bike tonight, right away a few things jumped out at me. Listed as a '78 SE, 36,000kms. 1. oversized fins on cylinders, big bore kit?? 2. progressive rear shocks? any good? 3. new mufflers, any idea on quality/brand? Let me know what you guys think.
  16. fox23

    Take a look at my basket case engine

    Hey Guys, I need a little help with these engine parts I picked up quite a while ago. The PO never claimed it was a complete engine, so its missing quite a few parts but most of the basics are there. I just have a few questions regarding condition and compatibility, just looking for some...
  17. A

    Anyone willing to post some footpeg pics for me?

    Hi all! As posted in a precious thread regarding reusing the stock footpegs/hangers for building mild rearsets, I have some pictures from an XS that I saw on Phillip Island racetrack 4 years ago. Unfortunately, my worksite (on a ship at the moment) internet connection is too slow for any...
  18. lakeview

    Reinforcement for my habit (look what followed me home!)

    I put an ad on Kijiji looking for abandoned projects; a fellow called me about a 78 Special "for parts" so I went to see him and bought it. A high mileage example, 42,xxx km, last running in early 90's, but it has key, ownership, is not seized, and reasonably complete. It has a recovered seat...
  19. A

    Looking for bikes for online magazine

    We are an online magazine looking for motorbikes to publish on our site. Our already published Yahama bikes If members of this forum would like to display their motorbikes on our website please add your bike All motorbikes are welcome, but if you have one (or more) of the following, we are...
  20. scott s

    Anyone know anything about this bike?

    Pics found on the web. I dig it. Anyone know the builder or any details?