1. bt24

    For Sale - Staracer Yamaha 750 Flattracker

    1974 Yamaha XS650/750 Staracer Yamaha 750 Staracer Racing frame Nickle Chromoly XS650/750 New Brembo Brake pads Brembo caliper New Nissin Master Cylinder Pro Taper DT bars Slim line reflex clutch lever & perch F4 Forks w/ new fluid OHLINS Rear shocks Excel 2.50 Wheels/Stainless HD spokes...
  2. Rhy650

    Formula 1 Fans?

    Just curious if there are any F1 fans out there? With no race to watch this weekend I am left still ruminating on the season opener... Myself, I am a fairly shameless Red Bull fanboy. Really hoping this is the year that they can start to pose a serious threat to Mercedes. Very excited to...
  3. Signal

    Two new XS Outfits Underway

    A short post to tell you about the new grand plan. The big news is that there are plans for 2 new XS based sidecars both with 13-inch wheels, one an 880cc the other a 750. We have started cleaning and repairing the callipers, cleaning the wheels etc. The 880 will be for my mate the 750 for his...
  4. Signal

    Another One Almost Ready for the Track

    A friend has been building this flat out to be ready for MPSC in Timaru. Today we finished the wiring and fired it up, that makes 4 running XS powered outfits in town. It still needs the body work to be finished but it should be certified and running at a classic meeting we have at the end of...
  5. Grimmith

    Wanted - Race Tires xs650 special

    I'm having quite a difficult time to find race tred and rims for my 1980 special, it has the 3" x 16" rear rim. is there any way to fit a smaller width of a tire on the rear, such as a 2.5" by 16"
  6. Grimmith

    XS 650 Racing

    I found a few discussions on some racing material but couldn't find any builds or the best parts to use under certain racing standards. I'm trying to just start off Novice Historic Veteran racing through AHRMA which is basically stock motorcycle racing ( didn't want to start off going 200...
  7. sean colleary

    do you or have you raced? post some pix!

    have you or do you race what do ya race and what on?
  8. bt24

    For Sale - Yamaha XS750 Flattracker!

    New Champion copy Yamaha 750 Twin for sale. Fresh build, only break in time on new engine build, almost everything on this build is brand new. $7,800. OBO plus shipping. No trades, Possible delivery. New Champion Yamaha XS750 Build/Parts sheet New Chromoly tubing frame built in a Champion XS...
  9. plattey

    What does a stock xs650 do in the quarter?

    The car club that I am active in went to TriStates raceway this past weekend and I ran the old xs there. I have done the following to the engine: stock xs650 pistons and rings mild port n polish vm34's torque cones made from stock xs pipes 1 3/4" wrapped street pipes from hoosracing (end just...
  10. O

    casey stoner wins again ....

    hi guys,,, well young casey stoner won his 10th race for the year,,, by just 1/2 a front wheel .. it was a brilliant race,,, with casey leading earylier in the race then spies passed casey ,,, but on the last corner casey found power and passed to win,, thats why he,s champion for thwe second...
  11. O

    phillip island gp....... this sunday...ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi guys ,,,, i live in a litttle hick town called kaniva ,,its the last town on the western highway before S/A ,, NOW WITH THE WORLD GP RACES ON PHILLIP ISLAND at the weekend ,,, there,s been alot of bikers going thru to the island ,,,,, and of course the young falla i modelled my riding...
  12. pjmule

    Flat Track Racing Nov 12TH Savannah Ga.

    Flat Track Racing Nov 12TH Savannah Ga
  13. O

    casey stoner wins ,,,, again!!!!!!!!

    hi guys i,m sorry ,,,but casey stoner won again at indy,,,, and it was easy ,,, he was never really challenged ,,,, he now got a convincing lead in points ,,with only 5 more races ,,i hope he can pull it off ,,with phillip island 1 off them regards oldbiker
  14. O

    young casey stoner....again,,,,,,,

    hi guys,,, young casey stoner ,,,won again at the chek race track ,,he was tagging his team mate until he lost it,, then had 8 secs lead and never lost that lead,,,he,s looking forward to having a 1000cc under him next year... with a top speed of 350k,,,testing now puts casey...
  15. P

    Sachsenring MotoGP

    Kentucky native and former world champion Nicky Hayden finished 8th in the German GP held today at the Sachsenring Circuit.
  16. O

    casey stoner ,,,wins again,,,,,in england...

    hi guys ,,,i hope its not too early,, for you,,, but casey stoner won at silverstone england,, ,,he passed his team mate on the first lap and then lead to win ,,, ,,,thats his forth for the year,,,honda a tickled pink,,, i see lorenzo smashed out,,,regards oldbiker
  17. O

    young casey wins....again

    guys,,, i hope its not too early for you guys,,,, last night i watched casey stoner win his third gp this year a clear 2 seconds out right lead without any real challenges for the whole race,,, honda are tickled pink with him,,,,and i see rossi smashed the ducati over the weekend ,,,even so...
  18. O

    casey stoner..... fantastic.......

    all right i,m an aussie... butttttt my boy hero racer casey stoner took pole position in practice with rossi in 15 then up to 10 i think,,,,, clearly ducati aren,t helping him,,, and then in the first race of world gp racing casey bought home the bacon .... i did notice that the honda team are...
  19. twinsarehot

    Had to post this video....way too cool.

    Saw this floatin' around, had to post this up. There are more videos of many more's like a dream.
  20. O

    practice for gp riders......

    hi guys i see my favourite gp ride casey stoner got the fast lap record in practice on friday/saturday on his new HONDA .. although it would be nice if in 2011 season he stayed upright rather than ploughing the paddock grass ... i can only dream ..regards oldbiker