rebuild engine

  1. NerdyNerd


    Hey hey. So I am working on rebuilding my 1982 xs650 heritage special and I'm noticing that I don't have any parts to go under my points covers... I for the life of me cannot even remember if this bike had the timing advance as in the years of owning it, I cannot recollect any wires coming from...
  2. A

    unknown engine, what to check? help please (comp test)

    hey folks, starting a new build and i've got two engine's in my possession one is seized that i've been working on freeing it up all this week with no luck as of yet (been sitting for approx 8 years with no carbs/exhausts or anything covering the holes o_O ) at this stage ill probably just pull...
  3. V

    Clutch issues new build engine

    double post
  4. V

    Clutch issues new build engine

    Hi you all... ive been struggeling all day at the garage, trying to adjust the clutch on my new rebuild and rephased engine. Ive followed Carbons youtube vid end to end, and it still gives me problems finding not only neutral, but allso the switch in gears isnt going smoothe. If the bike...