1. thenarrowboatman

    1974 TXA Regulator

    Fellas I've been browsing this site for years and its guided me through acquisition, recomission and riding my 1974 TXA. Thankyou. With some miles now covered the inevitable age related issues have begun to arise. I have some charging problems I'm working through at present. Rectifier failure...
  2. M

    Mosfet Rgulator

    Gettin close on my first XS build! It's almost ready to breath! I need a Mosfet regulator to run with my HHB PMA alternator. Hugh is rather busy home schooling these days what with the apocalypse and all and hasn't had any for months now. Does anyone know where I can find one? Any and all help...
  3. Jim

    DIY Reg/Rec. 5twins and Jim

    This section deals with the '80 and newer A type regulator system. For '79 and earlier bikes, see comment #2. Comment #3 discusses using modern rectifiers. So, I've been getting quiet a few PM's lately about how I wired my reg/rec on the 80SG resto. I know there's a lot of info on this site...
  4. 79josh81

    Combination reg/rec cheaper version of mikesxs model?

    So I'm looking to get rid of some of the extra electrical components and wanted to go to a combination reg/rec (I also already know that I can get a separate reg and rec for cheap on ebay and what-not). I have a stock charging system so I started to google and this was something I found that...
  5. D

    Help: diagnosing overcharging.

    Hey folks, Been cruising the forum for sometime but this is my first post. Y'all have been a wealth of information and frankly a pleasure to read about. Thanks for that! Now, onto the bike. It's an 82 haritage special, stock apart from the bars, the jerker exhaust system, and my upgrading the...
  6. DanielBlack

    Stella - 1977D survivor, back on the road.

    I've been having a great time over the last two weeks as I become further acquainted with my 77D, mostly stock, Stella. After the first basic safety checks and oil change, etc. I put her quickly into her role as my daily ride. Most days are 5-10mi, but the last week has given me a few longer...
  7. B

    Regulator question

    Might seem like a dumb question but will the regulator short if the housing touched the frame/ground? Ive noticed the all regulators I've dealt with have the rubber grommets on their frames and wasn't sure if this was due to vibration dampening or to keep from shorting. Also when making a...

    Wiring in a replacement solid state rectifier/regulator (not a nylon screw thread)

    Hi. First, let me explain what is going on. I'm in the middle of turning my 1979 XS650 Special in to a cafeish custom bike, and that includes building an electrical system from scratch around the Motogadget M-Unit. Took these pictures today: (the polystyrene seat is there temporarily, trying...
  9. K

    Lov voltage when reving

    Hi hope you wonderful people will take the time to help me out here cause i am puzzled. I have the mikes pma kit and when i measure the output voltage at idle its 14,5 but when reving it drops to between 3 and 7 volts ???? Setup. the bike is running on a seperate battery and i am measuring...
  10. natek

    Regulator/rectifier identification and wiring help

    Wiring an 83 xs650 TCI motor and need to know if this is the correct reg/rec. The numbers on the back of the unit read "TMR1003BU 9/05" If this is correct notice there is no black but a blue wire. Where would this attach? Any help appreciated.
  11. K


    I have a 1981 xs650 that has been having some charging issues. I went through the trouble shooting guide and did everything that I could to the best of my knowledge. My brushes were definitely to short so I replaced them. However the voltage still does not increase when revving the engine to the...
  12. U

    Testing Regulator/Rectifier

    My brother-in-law bought a basket case of parts a few weeks that included a new, in the box, combined regulator/rectifier from Electrosport, ESR350. Instructions still included says it for the older XS with points ignition. I have a 78, with a Pamco, can I use it? Here's the kicker, box...
  13. mikeoxlodge

    Blue wire on Regulator/rectifier?

    Hello, I am trying to rewire my chopper. The previous owner did a quickie job and ran most of the wires from the ignition post on the keyswitch with no fuses: I am putting in a small fusebox and installing new wires. I think I have everything figured out except the blue wire coming...
  14. aftershock

    cant figure out if rectifier i have is only a rectifier or a regulator as well

    i bought the rectifier off mikesxs Part #24-2085 it only has 5 spots for wires 3 field and + & -. i have a 78 650 and am trying to eliminate everything except headlight and brake light, and was going to do electric start, i bought a lithium battery which is super small and turns bike...
  15. MiniDanzig

    Where did you mount your Reg/Rect?

    tried to use the search to find some photos but no dice. So where are you guys mounting your regulator/rectifiers? i know they need airflow, but is rain/water a concern? i'm wanting to hide mine as much as possible, but obviously i want it to be out of harms way. any pics of where you guys...
  16. Newbie

    What do I do with the black wire?

    I'm performing the Chrysler regulator mod on a 1978 XS650. The stock regulator has 3 wires (Brown, Green, and Black). The brown wire connects to the lower pin on the new regulator, and the green wire connects to the upper pin. What do I do with the black wire? Is it used to ground the regulator?
  17. iantheowl

    The brown wire from my reg/rec is ruining my life.

    hey everyone, new guy here. so, i hate beating a dead horse but i too have a charging problem. ive searched the tech help, other peoples threads, etc. but no one seems to have the same issue i do. when the brown wire from my brush/rotor assembly is connected to the brown wire from my reg/rec...
  18. T

    Can I use this regulator-rectifier

    Hi guys, Looking at regulator/rectifiers to replace my stock piece - is this going to work? I notice that its only got a pigtail of 5 wires (YYYRB) and the Mikes XS one has (YYYGORB) - so I assume it would just be wiring into my rectifier...
  19. Travis

    Permanent Magnet Alternator

    Has anyone ever done the conversion to a permanent magnet alternator? I've heard of people using the alternator off of an RD350. I know there is a good write up here but has anyone here done this?