1. Signal

    New Sidecar Motor

    Building Sidecar Motor I started collecting parts for this motor a while ago and then got side tracked building the two-stroke outfit. This is not intended to be a how to build a motor it is more of a show and tell what I have done to build a race motor for a sidecar. Most of what is shown is...
  2. Signal

    Two new XS Outfits Underway

    A short post to tell you about the new grand plan. The big news is that there are plans for 2 new XS based sidecars both with 13-inch wheels, one an 880cc the other a 750. We have started cleaning and repairing the callipers, cleaning the wheels etc. The 880 will be for my mate the 750 for his...
  3. Signal

    Another One Almost Ready for the Track

    A friend has been building this flat out to be ready for MPSC in Timaru. Today we finished the wiring and fired it up, that makes 4 running XS powered outfits in town. It still needs the body work to be finished but it should be certified and running at a classic meeting we have at the end of...
  4. DaveO

    Motorcycling Dogs, Sidecars, Wandering About

    I made a trip to the West Coast a couple of years ago. The two of us started at Las Vegas and toured the Grand Circle in a Winnebago. I think I came to the forum and asked a few questions before I went. Can't find the posts but, as ever, you were all very helpful. But it occurred to me that I...
  5. Signal

    New 700cc Outfit

    700 cc Classic Outfit The basic idea for this arose during a long drive back from a race meeting. At the meeting we realised that to go any faster we needed more power than we could safely get from our XS. The class we compete in at most meetings has limitations on engines year of manufacture...
  6. Signal

    So thats why the clutch was dragging

    The other weekend on the start line at high revs the clutch in the sidecar started to grab. I suspected that the basket tangs might be worn excessively from the hard starts. Tonight after removing the cover it was a mixture of good and bad news. The clutch basket is not too bad and there are...
  7. bluebikerblan

    Sidecar travels in Morocco - Video

    Some of you are interested in XS 650 sidecar rigs (others as well). This video of a dual purpose Ural rig gives you a pretty good feel for travelling in rough desert environs is like with such an outfit. Yes Gordon I had you in mind, as does my son Dan in NorCal with the R 90/6 to Jupiter...
  8. gordonscott

    Sidecar 101

    Hi Guys, I've been getting some emails about sidecars and how to set them up and why the use of leading link frontends etc... If ya all don't mind I will make this the sidecar thread of answers and how too's. Like everyone, I learn from others and the info I will put out here is info that I’ve...
  9. royfisk

    whats out there for xs sidecar pics?

    I am interested in seeing what various sidecars look like on xs 650 bikes. If you have pics post them. reason being is Im in the market for a hack and really want one that looks like a sprintcar body. Any leads on a body or car in new england would be nice also.
  10. gordonscott

    a ride in the snow

    Got the old girl out today, changed out sidecar wheel to an xs 16"mag (thanks Roy) so now have three matching wheels :D
  11. I

    sidecar anyone?

    - laverda thekneeslider..snaefell laverda sidecar project