1. Renegade Offroad

    My 1st XS650 after falling in love 10yrs ago!

    This is how I picked her up!
  2. B

    Moto iron/Tcbros Springer front end caliper

    Hey there, I’ve got the forks mentioned in the title, but the calliper from Tc bro’s seems a little pricey (for Canadian) but I don’t know how to find out which other callipers work. Does anybody know any calipers which will work that might be a little cheaper?
  3. Brian79xs

    Correct Bearing Races For Harley 1" Fork Swap

    After searching forum after forum , I found a lot of people saying to use the xs650 stock / replacement bearing races with the Harley 1" tapered bearings for a springer front end swap. I ordered those parts and found that it is incorrect. The bearing does not sit completely into the race ...
  4. Muckroot

    limping with stock forks - or worth the rebuild?

    Hello folks, I've got me heart set on a nice set of TCBros front springer forks. the construction looks super solid from their video, and they come with lots of support in terms of calipers, bar mounts, and all that rigamarole. the trouble is, with all this corona quarantine happening i am...
  5. Surfrat28

    1979 Yamaha XS650 Chopper Build

    My name is AR and I have been building this bike for a year now off and on with the help of this forum and the amazing people nice enough to respond to my past threads. Just wanted to share my progress on the build through this year. I had bought this bike from a garage completely stock only...
  6. Surfrat28

    Springer Front End Spacer

    Hey guys I have currently read through all the threads regarding springers. I currently have a DNA 2" under narrow springer. I have bought 1" trailer bearings and stock xs650 racers. The only thing I know I need to do is to cut the stem nut down to match the TCbros kit (its almost half the...
  7. Surfrat28

    Springer front end

    Hey everyone! I'm thinking about changing my front end to a springer set up with a 21" spoked wheel with the mini break drum. Is there any suggestions on how to get the springer front end to fit the stock neck of a 1979/80 xs650SG model. Any suggestions would really help! Below is the front end...
  8. Trentgrasso666

    Cb750 springer into xs650

    I found a longer springer that is set up for a CB750 and wanted to swap it with my stock front end. My frame is raked and I think the steering stem is long enough, just wondering if anyone knew what I'm looking at bearing/race size wise to get everything to fit right! Thanks!
  9. Giant Red Devil 81 XS650SH

    Giant Red Devil 81 XS650SH

    My custom chopper, 2+ years in the making. Started full stock all-original, barn find. The only thing 100% original left is the clutch lever. :-) 19" total stretch with hard-tail, gooseneck and 45-degree rake custom springer.
  10. CryptoKnight

    odd sized front rotor required

    I have been fabricating a custom springer. Now that it's all assembled, I find that the shoulder bolts are barely, but actually, rubbing on the rotor. This means I have to mount the front wheel off-center (not!), find a smaller rotor, or change my springer design. Changing the springer design...
  11. R

    Help me identify this springer front end.

    please delete
  12. I

    Springer questions...

    Ok Fellas I picked up an old narrow springer on a trade on craigslist, my research tells me it was made by a company called s.i.e. that existed back in the day in Oak Lawn here in IL. I plan on cutting it down to stock size to use on my 71 hard tail xs. The legs are square tube so chopping...
  13. J

    Does a springer increase the wheelbase at all?

    Looking at profile photos of both stock and springer front ends it appears that installing a springer might increase the wheelbase by an inch +/- (over stock). True or not? Let's say it's a DNA springer since that seems to be used the most. Thanks for any input. Had my '80 for four years...
  14. U

    Im putting a -4 under DNA springer on my bobber do I need to add rake

    Ive been working on my bike for about 6mos and I'm almost done I just purchased a 4 under springer and Ive been trying to figure out how or if it will effect the trail. I haven't mounted it yet to check but before I did I just wanted to get some info from some pros about this particular...
  15. BigJimmyW13

    Build Your Own Springer Forks

    Might be of interest to some people here. John Brain's How to on building springer forks. How-to I know he's building them for bicycles, but really there wouldn't be that much of a change for motorcycles.
  16. I

    Anyone know anything about the springer front end on tcbros?

    My questiOn is will the stock xs rims fit it? Thats my first question Side note: what size are the stock xs rims and were the ever available with a rear disk brake?
  17. rodemyyamaha

    Springer Front End for 75 XS650

    Hey... my forks are wack and I want to replace with a springer. Anyone have any ideas or info on where I can find a springer that will fit? I have tried to find ring clips for my forks but no one seems to have a clue. All of the exploded views do not list the ring clip on the plunger so I am...

    OLD SPRINGER TECH ( not a DNA thread )

    Old springer tech.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here we go , Hopefully with a thread title like that this can be a section for tech questions and answers on old springer front ends... I just unpacked an older ( probably 70s) springer...
  19. Ghetto

    Question for DNA Springer Fork Owners.

    Looking at the DNA 2 Under kit. Does this come with the triple tree? Would I then be looking at getting Harley bars? Thanks and a pic of it on your bike would be appreciated!
  20. William

    Dna springer?

    Hey everyone. What is involved in putting a dna springer front end on my 82? I just ordered new tapered steering head bearings. Since the tree was off i figured why not! Does the dna have an sae axle size? Hope there is not too much involved cause im pretty new to this!! Thanks ahead of...