1. ANXS650

    Press Start Button, then Nothing

    So this is stumping me. Yesterday, I put the key in and turn it. Put the bike in neutral (green neutral light was on), press the start button, and everything goes blank. No neutral light, no horn, no nothing. Turned the key off and checked the fuses, nothing blown. Turned the key back on and...
  2. suntrakr

    Starter gear fix keeping bike off the road (Round 2!)

    Starter gear on this is a pita. We've replaced the starter gear and spring with new gear from MikesXS. We've also tensioned the spring on a vice as per other posts on this forum as well as located the spring according to the tech bulletin release from Yammy in the 70s but we're still getting the...
  3. IllusiveJack

    Wanted - Engine parts needed FROM UK

    Hi all, for a 1974 engine I am bulding from parts from everywhere :/ I'm after the following :- 1. A couple of standard 447 Pistons 2. Valve springs, seats, tops and collets 3. Left hand side casing 4. Alternator stator 5. All the starter gear setup behind the clutch Due to the virus I no...
  4. W

    1977 XS650D Weak Electric Start

    Hello Everyone, I have a 1977 XS650D that starts fine with kick start but the electric start seams tired/does not get it started. Whenever I press the starter button it cranks over slowly and only ever starts if the engine is already hot and I am lucky. My bike doesn't have a decompression...
  5. W

    Starter Button/Killswitch Install with Simplified Wiring Harness

    Hey folks, thanks for having me! I’m having some issues completing the starter circuit on a client’s 1981 xls 650 custom cafe racer. I’m using a simplified chopper diagram, but can’t seem to figure out how to integrate the OEM style starter button/killswitch since all the simplified wiring...
  6. Port

    Bad relay cant find much info on

    What do yall call this componet? What does it actualy do? How do i test it? i couldnt find much on it. I bypassed the relay for the time being so that my starter works but id like to fix it o rreplace it. Bypassed it by using an extra 6prong plug i had and shorting the 2 red/white wires with...
  7. Kickflippin

    Diagnosing starter problems

    I've been running through a sudden stoppage of my starter on an '80 SG project. When I picked up the bike and charged the battery, I did get starter action, though the CCA of the old battery was so poor it didn't do much. I put in a new AGM battery, and while I was at it installed a tail light...
  8. JaxShane650

    No spark until I let off of the starter.

    So I'm having an odd problem with my 1980 XS650 that has seemed to develop within the past couple of weeks. Whenever I go to start the thing with the electric starter, it will crank over perfectly fine but won't fire up until I let off the starter button (when the engine is attempting to slow...
  9. 79josh81

    Starter-safety / lighting relay

    Hey guys, quick question about the starter-safety/lighting relay (dual relay) on my 1979 xs650. I tried searching for some answers but I'm looking for more of just a general concensus. So I have the model with the starter-safety/lighting relay. So if I understand the purpose of this relay...
  10. D

    Starter? solenoid? cut-outs?

    '83 XS650, US Model SK. Ran fine, then started acting up. Bought the XS650 used after it had been stored in a garage and only occasionally ridden. Over time, the starter turned over slower and slower, then stopped working. Now, turn on key, push starter button, and solenoid clicks loudly...
  11. tightdenimcrew

    1981 Not starting with stock solenoid/new battery and HHB CDI

    Hey folks, Long time (four years?) lurker, first-time poster here. I'm having some really sluggish turn over with my starter and I'm not entirely sure what the issue is. I'll try to be as detailed as possible, here's what I'm running: 1981 Special, running a new HHB CDI charging system (with...
  12. J

    Electric start turns over but won’t fire

    hey there so I’ve got an 84xs650 kickstart works awesome an runs good just diled in carbs... but the electric start turns over but won’t fire clutch an kickstand safety switches have been bypassed... battery’s at 12.7 an charging systems good any tips on where to head next would be...
  13. D

    Starter Short Problem?

    So there's a short coming from somewhere that keeps blowing fuses every time you press the start button. I isolated the short down to the starter motor itself, but when I bought a used starter from eBay(tested and working) the same problem happens. Could there be a short beyond the starter in...
  14. Ash

    XS2 starter

    So I bought an xs2 that me and a friend are building into something new, no previous xs2 experience, just learning as i go. The bike was in pieces when i bought it and I am now wondering, as the bike has a starter motor, should there be a start button, or was it all part of the decompression...
  15. A

    XS 750 Starter Clutch Removal

    So my starter clutch has recently kicked it. I took off the left side of the crankcase and all the gears appear to be good, the starter motor works fine and everything looks to be in good condition. I took out the starter and the cog that the starter immediately comes into contact with and put...
  16. abyssmaltailgate

    For Sale - 2 pairs of NEW Ignition Coils

    The black coils with yellow wires are EMGO mounted and ran to see the engine turnover, but never used on the road. This is a pair of single outlet 12 volt coils. The green coils are also EMGO and are brand new with packaging, never mounted, never ran because they came with the PMA kit I bought...
  17. gman13579

    Wanted - Looking for 1982 igniter box

    My bike is in great shape but it won't start due to a my ignition box getting some moisture in it. I'm looking for the Type TID12-03, it's the only thing that will work for the 82. Thanks!
  18. michaelpthompson

    Do you need to pull the clutch lever for starting?

    Still working on getting this '75 XS650-B started. I think I read somewhere that there's an interlock in the clutch requiring that the clutch be disengaged (lever pulled in) in order to start the engine, so I've been pulling the lever when trying to start. However, I accidentally tried it today...
  19. B

    Electric Start issue

    When I touch the screwdriver from the metal part under the red cap to where the flathead part is touching, the electric starter fires up and starts the bike. The problem is, the "start" button doesn't work. What do I need to do to get it to work?
  20. M

    starter slow to spin

    Since I got my bike the starter has never seemed to want to spin fast enough to fire up the motor but it starts right away with the kicker. Put a meter on the starter terminal and ground and pushed the button. Meter read 7.5 volts. Is that normal? Is that just the starter draw dropping the...