1. B

    Fitting a Yamaha XS750 Front End

    Hi Guys, I did say I would do a brief write up once i had this sorted and now i finally have. Bit of background as to why i fitted an XS750 front end: My bike is a basket case, I believe intended to be made into yet another Cafe Racer. The front end that came with the bike was a set of R6 USD...
  2. A

    Top out springs for 35 mm forks (May also work on 34 mm forks?)

    As my 77 XS650 D forks had a bad tendency to top out under hard accelleration, I decided top out springs would be a worthwhile upgrade. So I got hold of a pair of used later modell springs. Unfortunately I managed to misplace or lose one of them. So I had to look for alternatives. And found CB...
  3. WPGxs650_brat

    How low can you lower the froks?

    OK, first off I know this isn't what most would build. So before the "purists" call in an airstrike on my garage, Any and all work to this will not be permanent LOL! I am planning out my next 650, (1980 heritage special, mag drum rear). I have decided to go japan style. Planning ahead I know I...
  4. Motorbreath22

    F4i Front End Swap / need R6, Vstrom and Bandit 1200 measurements

    I'm working on swapping out forks to CBR F4i 43mm forks. F4i forks are readily available, they are lighter, stiffer and are cartridge forks instead of dampening rods. I have been working on cross referencing stuff for a while now. And would like to make another post with all the info I've...
  5. R

    Specific question about "bolt on" fork swaps.

    I think that I've read every thread on here about front end swaps. There is a list available of which bikes have the same upper and lower bearing diameters (outside and inside) as the XS650 (25 and 30mm.) It seems to me that those would be the easiest swaps without needing to change stems or...
  6. FLEA

    removing fork brace

    have a swing arm brace ,bronze bushing, fork brace etc ,found the handling good on main rds but very wooden around sharp cornors with a tendance to over steer especially turning into streets ,very little feed back...took off the fork brace yesterday and the xs CAME ALIVE ,it was amazing to get...
  7. M

    Newer Swingarm on Older Model

    Hey everyone, As the title reads, I am looking at installing a newer (1974-1984 models) swingarm with bracing on my 1973 TX650. I want to do this for better support and handeling, but also because my 130/90 tire seems to rub on the right side of the current swingarm. However, this seems to...
  8. gggGary

    Front axle, hub and spacer dimensions 73 on

    For Arctic who's doing an oddball swap. But may be useful for others. key words 34mm 35mm axle forks spacers speedometer drive speedo thickness mm length diameter collar thread threads fork spacer
  9. katmol

    Rear lowering kit....

    I've been wanting to change the angle of the rear shocks on my '75 XS but haven't been able to find anything that would do that. I always could find lowering kits for the CB750s I've had, heck I've even got a set on my '76 GL1000. But for my '75 XS....nothing! Till last week. Ebay comes through...
  10. BBQRider

    XS650 forks question

    I recently purchased a pretty nice (all original) 1983 xs650. She only has 6800 miles on her. This is my first Xs and I believe I'm in love. As you guys know it's a pure joy to ride. I've been through boat and car projects but this will be my first bike project. I've owned a few other bikes but...
  11. G

    Inner Tube Sticking in Lower Fork Leg

    G'day All,:banghead: I have a problem with 34mm forks. The inner is sticking in the lower outer tube. I i have had both inners checked for bends on a surface plate and they came up OK. Attached are two photos (of dubious quality), showing the good lower leg which bottoms out. The other...
  12. muskallunge

    Choosing A Raked Springer

    I'm working on my first chopper with my '78 xs650. Looking to put a springer fork on 'er with a rake of at least 6-10 over (70's style buy not extreme denver style). Anyone have any advise? Are there frame modifications that I need to think about or hardtail geometry to match? Thanks.
  13. tkurt

    Front wobble at speed in curves only

    Hi all, I know there are some threads on front end wobbles, but it can't hurt to ask again. My bike tracks straight with hands off the bars and does not wobble (as much as I can tell) at speed (~80mph) in a straight line. However, if I'm heading through a long curve at speed (50+ mph) and...
  14. J

    2" over 34mm fork tubes

    Hey guys does anyone have/know where a I can buy some +2 34mm tubes for XS650?? Appreciate any feedback thanks!:thumbsup:
  15. I

    Extended Swing Arm and Rear Suspension?

    I want to go for this look with a motolanna swing arm and yss rear suspension. What do you think is the length of these rear shocks? Should I try this at all? Thanks
  16. jonaf

    Steering wobble

    When I close the throttle, the handlebars wobble at certain speeds. My bike is an XS650B, 1975. The wheels are in line. The steering head bearings are OK. The swinging arm bearings are new. The wheel bearings are OK. The tyres look OK. Anybody with the same experience?
  17. katmol

    Relocate bottom rear shock mount....

    Anyone have any ideas on how to move the bottom rear shock mounts back a little. I would like to get a little more angle to the rear shocks. I know you can get "lowering blocks" for old Hondas. Anything like that for a '75 XS? Thanks
  18. whiskeywulvz666

    new member, looking for TX650 info

    hey, just registered here. looking for info on a 73 TX650. helping a buddy with a basket case he bought. hardtail frame and a couple boxes of parts. the stock frontend is missing some parts( nut for the top tree, axle cap, tube caps) Is there somewhere to get these online or what other frontends...
  19. prue1

    Saggy Springs

    :bike:I need to shore up my old girl, anyone have info on aftermarket new and improved front fork springs for a 72 XS 650? Thanks in advance. Chuck
  20. M

    Having a Hard Time Deciding on Shocks

    Hello everyone, As the title states, I am having a hard time deciding on a pair of shocks. I have a 1973 TX650, currently with stock shocks. These seem to have compressed to 12" eyelet-to-eyelet (E2E). I am in the market to improve handling, therefore I will be getting shocks in the...