1. Muckroot

    Case Compatibility

    Hello all, I have the guts from a 1975 447 motor but the case has unfortunately been tended to at some point by a chimpanzee. All four of the locating pins for the crank bearings on the upper case have been smashed in because the bearings weren't lined up properly when the halves were...
  2. W

    TX650 engine parts work with XS650?

    Hey guys, I currently have an 82’ XS650 with the ol’ no spark problem. Any who, i have an opportunity to pick up a 73’ TX650 with extra parts and was wondering if anyone knows if the engine parts would work with mine? I have read that the frames were modified after the 73 TX but didn’t see...
  3. S

    Please help! Front Fork Identification!?

    Hey guys, New here. Not really sure who to ask about this, but I bought a set of Yamaha R6 front forks for $150. Supposed to be 2006 R6. Came with the forks, wheels, calipers and all. Only thing missing was the triple tree. So I ordered a used one off line for a 2003 R6. They don’t fit. The...
  4. C

    Swapping rear 16 inch with 18 or 19

    I have a 16" rear wheel with drum brakes on my 83 special. Its my understanding I can swap this out with an 18" with drum brakes as well, direct swap. Is there any adverse effects to handling if i do this? I dont care so much about straight line stability (which I believe my 16" 130/90/16 tire...
  5. doctavee

    new to the Sacramento Area. who's riding?

    hey guys just arrived into the sacramenot area, my bike should arrive in a about 3 weeks. i was wondering if there are any moto swaps coming up, or rides going on, or pretty much anything i need to know or places to go! love to hear your input!:bike:
  6. A

    noob needs help!!!

    hey all just looking for a quick answer! i picked up a 72 for next to nothing and am planing on going downt the cafe route for me and the wife (my daily is a 97 cbr900rr) so my question is what year did they switch to the dual front disk and how hard of a swap is it? i want to keep it as simple...
  7. Garlic_Sauce

    82 xj650 forks with an 80 xs650 wire wheel. What bearings???

    I swapped the front end off my 82 xj650 seca to my 80 xs650, the stem and rotors fit on my xs wheel but the stock 17" axle is too big. The xj axle is too small so I need some info on what bearings I need to run in the xs wheel. Also if there's an axle off something else that would fit would be...
  8. 6

    75 to 77 or 78 Stator Swap??? Help please

    I have a 75 xs650 stock charging system, except for a solid state rec/reg from mikesxs. My stator is bad according to curlys guide. I have a 77 and a 78 xs650 I just picked up in decent condition, Can I swap out the stator from one of these? also do I need nylon screws because of the solid state...
  9. I

    Parts interchangeablity

    - an interesting site enabling you to chase some of those htf parts www.zedder.com