1. B

    1978 xs650 "build" work in progress

    Helloo there. I have been eyeballing xs650's for quite some time and the wife finally let me pull the trigger on one and what did I do? yep, I stripped it all down and chopped the back of the frame. HAHA It's a terrible feeling let me tell you. I immediately searched craigslist to reassure...
  2. B

    Moto iron/Tcbros Springer front end caliper

    Hey there, I’ve got the forks mentioned in the title, but the calliper from Tc bro’s seems a little pricey (for Canadian) but I don’t know how to find out which other callipers work. Does anybody know any calipers which will work that might be a little cheaper?
  3. Muckroot

    limping with stock forks - or worth the rebuild?

    Hello folks, I've got me heart set on a nice set of TCBros front springer forks. the construction looks super solid from their video, and they come with lots of support in terms of calipers, bar mounts, and all that rigamarole. the trouble is, with all this corona quarantine happening i am...
  4. Muckroot

    cleaning up a mutilated frame

    Hello all, I know it's near sacrilege to chop up an old XS frame, but I felt this frame was a good candidate because when I bought it it had already had some of the seat pan chopped off, as well as some of the frame around the swing arm though I can't say for sure what those frame bits did...
  5. XSsex50

    My very slow hardtail build thread

    Hey dudes, thought I would post my journey for my hardtail build thread now that I am starting to get into it. Frame is a late 80’s with TC brothers hardtail.
  6. muskallunge

    New Throttle Assembly, But Cable Too Short!

    Just to make sure I'm not losing my mind, I wanted to get a second opinion. I almost done with my first ever build so I'm a green horn. I have a '78 xs650 with bs38 Mikuni Carbs. I purchased a new throttle assembly from TC Bros. with the vintage grips. Bars are not taller so the stock...