1. T

    Are there differences in XS650 engine case covers over years ~ bolt pattern etc.?

    Question for the engine builders out their and those knowledgeable on evolution of the drivetrain on these bikes. Did the motor externally change from the early XS’ ‘70-73 to the ‘74 and later models? Specific ask is pertaining to the case covers on both sides of engine.
  2. Paul Sutton

    Blade Fuses

    Those stock fuse boxes do not age well so many have opted to replace with blade fuses. Unfortunately blade fuses do not always provide a snappy response to a short circuit as was the case with those original glass fuses. Generic blade fuses may be responsible for melted wires due to excessive...
  3. B

    Fitting a Yamaha XS750 Front End

    Hi Guys, I did say I would do a brief write up once i had this sorted and now i finally have. Bit of background as to why i fitted an XS750 front end: My bike is a basket case, I believe intended to be made into yet another Cafe Racer. The front end that came with the bike was a set of R6 USD...
  4. 5twins

    Locks and Keys

    This is going to be a rather long thread in which I'll share all the knowledge I've gathered on the locks and keys these bikes use. These are sadly neglected parts and most haven't been touched or serviced since they left the factory so are (way) past due. Renovating (cleaning, lubing) your lock...
  5. Jim

    XS650 Top End Buildup

    This thread details the reassembly of the top end of my 1980SG. Everything's already cleaned up and measured, but I'll backtrack a little and show how to do some measurements. All manual references used here are from the 1978-80 Yamaha Service Manual. All points of view (left and right, fore...
  6. 650Skull

    Rear Brake conversion - Drum to Disk or Disk to Drum

    * NOTE: Not the finished product..........corrections to be made to files and write up to come Any input welcome from others experience............ NOTE: This conversion could be done on 70-73 Models but there is some differences in the length of the swing-arm and frame dimensions, this...
  7. TwoManyXS1Bs

    Motorcycle tow hitch, TMS800 800lb front wheel hauler

    I've been wanting a crank-up or lever-up front wheel type bike tow/hauler for a long time. Circumstances have necessitated having my trucks serviced in town, which can mean leaving them at the shop for several days. I'd like to be able to haul my XS1B behind the truck, go to the shop, quickly...
  8. JaxShane650

    Trouble/What To Do With This Stock BS34 Minikuni Carb?

    Encountered a larger problem when taking apart my carb for the second time and believed it deserved its own thread to try and figure out what to do with this thing.
  9. gggGary

    Carb tips and tricks, 1st: throttle shaft butterfly screw removal

    While snagging parts for a member with a bent throttle shaft I came up with this simple tool/fixture, it really helped remove the screws with no drama even with "pre fuggled" phillips slots. Sorry grabbed the wrong camera got blurry pics, stick is about 3/4 x 1". Clamp it in a vice, butt...
  10. Larry Miller5509

    CCing a new bore

    How do you determin the cc's after boring an engine? I bored 2nd. oversize.
  11. Halloweenie

    Free - Floating Tool(s)

    There is something that worked well in the scooter community that I'd sure like to bring here. There are good people on this board, littlebill for one, who go out of their way to lend a hand to those in need, so I'd like to repay the community in at least a small way (I could use the karma)...
  12. gggGary

    Rebuilding Yamaha Vacuum Operated Fuel Valves (Petcocks.)

    Copied with permission from Written by bigfitz52 A more or less generic petcock rebuild how to, very useful for your 650 petcock rebuild. gggGary IF you are using a K&L petcock rebuild kit read here before you use the diaphragms and shaft part of the kit...