1. TwoManyXS1Bs

    Early model 70-71 instrument rebuild/rejuvenation

    This thread and series of posts covers the return-to-acceptable or return-to-functional service work done on an XS1B tachometer that had a severely sunbleached dial face, was exhibiting jittery/jumping needle and had poor internal illumination. The terms 'overhaul', 'restoration', 'renew'...
  2. TwoJugs

    Cylinder Head Cutaway

    I had these buried in one of my boxes of items I picked up. The PO was racing the XS back in the day. I guess he was doing some port and polish and wanted to see how much and where. Interesting how much and little you have to work with. I have read a bit about this lately and there is lots of...
  3. peanut

    front brake hose one piece or two ?

    I'm refurbing my front braking system I have a 79 special ll with single front disc/caliper with an intermediate junction (presumably for easy addition of a dual front disc brake system .) I would like to replace the 2x hose system with a single braided hose from MC to caliper. I...
  4. S

    Engine noise

    I have an 83 heritage special, less than 10k on it, pamco (advance rod and unit), 2-1 that cane on it, not sure what kind, and Jet kit. , was running fine and then It started making a noise, my front guide needed replacing so I did that, but the noise was still there. My back guide has some...
  5. garyr

    Starter Gear Fix!

    Below I documented the fix for the slipping 4th starter gear. I want to add the original poster/author is below. All I did was test and post pictures to what he is writing about. I applied this fix years ago to a kick starter spring the same way with success. The reason why the starter slips...
  6. InfamousXS

    How-To: Wheel Bearings

    Been poking around the site for some time now and notice a lot of good How-To guides on the site that I sure know helped me with my build so far. About to put wheel bearings back in and want to make sure I have everything I need and in the right order. Once I can confirm all the parts, I will...
  7. alfredo

    Ultrasonic Cleaner Build Thread

    I am thinking about undertaking the creation of an ultrasonic cleaning machine. I have seen a lot of web articles (like this one) that suggest the use of a linear amplifier, some ultrasonic transducers, a computer sound card and some RCA cables. I am posting here, because I just don't...
  8. MiniDanzig

    Wiring & Electrical Supplies

    Hey guys, finally at that point in my build, however i have never wired a bike completely from scratch before. What types of terminals/connectors do you guys prefer and where are you finding them? researching around i have found a few places:
  9. K

    Chain tensioner

    I would like to fab a chain tensioner that is spring loaded, similar to the monstarcraftsman version and I am wondering if anyone knows where to look for the sprocket and spring. I work in a steel mill and I can have pretty much anything machined as far as brackets are concerned. I can get...
  10. Tron

    How to: Brat style flat seat on the cheap!

    Hey everyone, Heres a quick how to on making a cheap flat seat, great for 2 up, from materials you can buy at the local shops. Materials: 1 Lexan plastic snow skate, or skateboard deck. 1 Yoga Mat Jig Saw Rough grit sandpaper All purpose glue Leather, large enough for your seat Heavy...
  11. leggers

    How to Polish Your Valve Covers

    Thought I'd share my video on polishing valve covers. keep in mind that you can always start at a lower or higher grit depending on the level of scratches that are already on the surface of the metal. Likewise don't be afraid to try out different buffing compounds on the wheel. Enjoy.
  12. I am Carbon

    replace left main oil seal or alternator (video)

    Before you start this job Disconnect the battery! As noted by TeeCat "I'd like to note that I was able to pull my stator without disconnecting it from the harness; I was able to just lay the stator safely out of the way." So don't do that part if you are not changing the stator,Ed
  13. I am Carbon

    Clutch pushrod oil seal (video)

    I had to do a small mod to make the job easier
  14. littlebill31

    Valve Adjustment- Video

    Ok, here is a 4 part video tutorial on how to adjust the valves. My camera work is not too good, but you'll get the idea. Please note to do this with a cold engine. It's a pain until you get the hang of it, but is most essential. Remember, as I advise, to rotate the engine back around through...
  15. littlebill31

    Cam Chain Tensioner Adjustment-Video

    I've made a little video to show how to adjust the cam chain tensioner. It is pretty straight forward to begin with, but video tutorials, which I like better, help compliment written instructions. Please note that this should be done with a warmed engine.
  16. thelowlife

    How to: Cross Drill Rotor w/ Patterns

    Tools required: - Hammer - Pointed Punch - Drill Press - Various drill bits to size of pattern you want - Layout Fluid (Fluid used to easly make marks in metal or other products various manufactures make this stuff in various colours) - Cutting fluid Time required: Approx. 2 hours...
  17. cros36

    How To: Make fork gaiters using parts found at the auto parts store

    so mikes has been killing it lately, but a common complaint is some of their rubber products. i needed a way to protect my new fork seals, and the nasty amount of time that went into changing them, i knew i didnt want to do that again. so i set out to find a local supply for some fork gaiters...
  18. mouser

    TCI forensics NO WONDER!!! they are problems!!!

    A recent post about TCI repair inspired me to dig out an old one and pry the lid off and have a look! I was shocked! I have a background in electronics I studied it in school and worked several years in the medical instrument field building heart monitors, defibrillators, and that sort of thing...
  19. Punkskalar

    Long Rod Conversion? I think so!

    * For high resolution photos and details - this same post is on the Blog - I've been wanting to build one of these for a good long while. I have a customer in the UK who has contacted me to build him a Long...
  20. T

    Eliminate Handlebar Vibration, Kill It DEAD with a Fake Snake!

    I used a thick vinyl tube about 5/8" in diameter. Cut the tube to the length of my flattrack bars and plugged one end. The tube was filled with #12 lead shot which I had on hand, then the tube was plugged on the fill end. The tube is heavy but only about a quarter of the weight if I filled the...