1. thrilla

    I fell off my XS650 'Fat Cast Brat' and I'd like your opinion.

    Hi all! So I picked up my first 1978 XS650 last month from the 2nd owner since its restoration. I had it delivered from south England to my house in Yorkshire, I was blind buying but I've been obsessed with XS650's for a few years and when this bike, built by Kuna Customs, came up for sale, I...
  2. Muckroot

    unknown Wheel identification

    Hello, Bit of a newbie question but I recently bought an 1975 XS650B and subsequently discovered that the forks that were installed on the bike were XS400 forks, and totally don't fit the bike (the stem is too short). Because of this I've gone ahead and bought 34MM forks from a fellow forum...
  3. A

    Tubeless conversion for spoked wheels. Any thoughts?

    I recently came across this: http://www2s.biglobe.ne.jp/~outex/tubelesskitenglishlist.htm I am really tempted to try this on my new shoulderless Morad 2.50x18 rear wheel (Talon KTM 500 MX disc brake hub, SS spokes) I just weighed a 4.00x18 inner tube I had, it was almost 2 LBS!! It may be a...
  4. anthony44

    widest tire for tc bros hardtail?

    Whats up guys im brand new to this forum ive searched for this but couldnt find a specific answer. I need new tires because they are dry rotted and i want the fattest rear i can get on there without rubbing. Does anyone know the widest tire that can fit on my spoked wheels with a tc bros hardtail?
  5. B Burdine97

    Tubed tire on a tubeless rim.. without a tube??

    Good afternoon all, I recently had bought some tubed tires to have installed on my mag wheels, which say on them "Suitable for tubeless tires". I brought these tires, tubes and my wheels to the local motorcycle shop to have them mounted and balanced. The guy who mounted and balanced my tires...
  6. X

    Tire swap / size question

    I currently have sunrims with shinko (front)110/90-19 and 130/90-18(rear) tires. I would like to mount new Avon tires, but all that is available is 100/90-19 and 120/90-18. Is this gonna work? My guess is that they will be just a bit skinnier, but should be fine. I noticed the current tires...
  7. fyl1982

    How do I jack up the front of the bike???

    I have a scissor jack for a car. That's about it. Is there any cheap, reliable way to jack the front of my bike up so I can change the front tire and bearings without knocking it over? :banghead: I'm sure this is kind of a dumb questions but I haven't really seen any good DIY solutions...
  8. emzdogz

    need a bit more clearance -how much will using taller tire buy me?

    I realize now that on my 80 chopper with drag pipes, eventually I'm going to scrape. One option is get different pipes, some kind of high pipe set up, but I don't want to do that for $$ reasons, plus I'm pretty sure eventually I'd burn my leg. And even then, the kickstand would drag, I...