1. Muckroot

    John's Oil cooler questions

    I saw Johns post regarding adding an oil cooler from the larger displacement Yamaha's of the day to the 650, and I've been absolutely determined to do the same to my bike so I can take it all over the states and possibly down through Mexico with less chance of breaking down during long rides...
  2. Lost Cause

    What is required to extend the front forks.

    I did a quick google search before posting and am here just to confirm. QUESTION 1 When it comes extending your front forks (assuming they do not go so far as to run out your cables) you need. -Extended fork tubes -Spacers to make up the gap for the springs, created by the longer fork tubes...
  3. GeorgeOC

    Wanted - 35mm Fork Tubes 'Standard' 2F0-23110-00-00

    Hello all, I am looking for a decent set of OEM 35mm inner fork tubes, for a Standard. Anyone have any they need to find a good home for? Thanks!
  4. B Burdine97

    Tubed tire on a tubeless rim.. without a tube??

    Good afternoon all, I recently had bought some tubed tires to have installed on my mag wheels, which say on them "Suitable for tubeless tires". I brought these tires, tubes and my wheels to the local motorcycle shop to have them mounted and balanced. The guy who mounted and balanced my tires...
  5. fyl1982

    What tires do I need (pics included)

    I can barely read my back tire and I can't read anything on my front. I have a 1981 Yamaha XS650 Special II. I want to know... A) What size tire do I need for the front and the rear? B) Do I need a tube or a tubeless design tire? Thanks! :shrug:
  6. B

    The Mad Max pipe bender.

    Don't works. I took an idea that another guy had on the J.J had. He used a small rear drum from a Jap car mounted to the hub. I grabbed a few chunks of tubing I had, a drum brake pad and a bunch of little scrap pieces. It took me about an hour to make. I was shocked that it...
  7. Travis

    Tube bender plans

    Thinking about building a hydraulic tube bender. Has anyone ever built one on the cheap? Anyone have any plans for one? Also interested in how to make very large radius bends in tubing.