1. Noidea

    Vm float height guage and testing

    Drill and tapped an extra drain plug i had for vm carbs and threaded a barb with teflon tape to make my fuel guage to make sure floats are at correct height on my vm carbs. My concerns are for when bike is running straight up vs on kickstand the reading i have (1st image) for left side carb...
  2. XSAndy

    Balancing Carby without Manometer? Dead cylinder variation.

    So is it possible? I do not have a manometer. Here’s my theory and happy to have it critiqued to death. Stock XS650SH, stock pretty much everything. Points on this one in Australia. If I set my idle higher and disconnect a plug lead from each side one at a time, then change the balancing screw...
  3. X

    Bigger Mufflers

    Hey fellas, I just finished retro fitting some short screamin eagle mufflers for a Harley to my xs. It’s just the tailpipe and the header pipe is still stock standard apart from chopping about 70mm off the last internal portion of the header. But the ID is still the same. I’m curious as to...
  4. X

    Poor running after rewiring...?

    Hey fellas, recently just finished wiring in a brand new harness. Before I completed the wiring I wired the ignition etc. in just to get the bike running, it ran really well and I had it tuned, timed and carbs synced to almost perfect. Throttle response great even in the cold and all the way...
  5. X

    BS38 Throttle Cutaway

    Hey everyone, I’m running over the carbs on my 79 special. I’ve got everything up to spec, but I am interested in how to determine my throttle cutaway. I know what cutaway is but in my manual, the spec for my cutaway is listed as #120. Can anyone tell me what this means?? cheers!
  6. Mark ACC

    Tuning Help Please

    Just got done with the 3 year on/ off again xs street tracker project. Runs great but has a flat spot around 3K (I think when it's coming off the pilot and on the main), and I'm looking for some tuning advice. Particulars: 700 cc JE pistons and shell stage 1 cam from Hoos, Jetted it as per Mike...
  7. oberling

    Anybody got any experience with running flatslide carbs?

    My carbs are in rough shape and I bought a pair of Mikuni style flat slide carbs (same size as OEM) that I want to eventually swap onto the bike. I'm wondering if anybody has any idea what would be a good jet size to start out with to make tuning slightly less painful. My engine is stock. Thanks!
  8. A

    Intake tuning, length and where to extend.

    In the "Ron Wood BMW" thread there was a comment regarding intake length. I believe I have posted on that subject before, but anyway. So here goes: On a stock framed XS650, with any linked carbs, like the stock BS 34 and 38, Mikuni RS34, Keihin CR/FCR, and the popular Kawasaki 500 flatslide CV...
  9. anthony44

    1976 bs38 pilot screw

    From what i heard, the 1976-77 bs38's dont have an o-ring and little washer against that sping on the pilot? Im having a problem where the bike hesitates and breaks up down low when its accelerating. I noticed the pilots looks like they had a tiny bit of gas around them as i was trying to adjust...
  10. O

    Throttle lagging under 3000

    I have a 78 650 special with mikes commando exhaust, uni foam filters, and VM 34s. When riding it will take a good bit of throttle to get up to about 3000 rpm and then after that it takes off. Would one of those torque inserts be what i need? It also has trouble getting past 5000 rpm any ideas?
  11. Lickfold

    Help me with my Built dream project bike 1972 XS2650

    Hey Xs's dependant people i'm Lickfold 28 years young new member from Portugal and here's my project as detailed as i can so hopefully you wizards can think with me and help me achieve less wrenches and more km's ! -1972 XS2 650 - HISTORY-> It's been 3 years of a love affair... Scrapyard...
  12. A

    Hopped up Ducati Scrambler 800

    I guess there are just a few modern, aircooled bikes that somewhat resemble our XSes. W650/800, RE650, Triump aircooled twins, and Ducati Scrambler. The latter being my favorite, due to weight and performance. Here is a report of a hopped up one, from Germany's #1 Ducati tuner...
  13. V

    Help! My carbys are a mash up - what to do?

    Hi guys, So I have a 74tx650a , that is running (never tested out how well) and hasnt been registered for a while (I know it was registered by the 3rd owner before me). So I thought I would give the carbys a birthday (float gaskets were leaking). So far they havent been too bad but as its got...
  14. DirtyErnie

    Read My Plugs

    After missing the last two summers, I finally got the bike rolling today. I've changed to Ninja 500 carbs and a stock 2-2 exhaust. What do you see in my plugs? I see: 1. The vacuum leak at idle, inner throttle shaft seals are out. 2. Too much timing. 3. Wrong heat range? These are the stock...
  15. A

    Carrrrrrbbb pop pop carrrrb pop.

    If the title didn't give much away, let me explain. 1978 xs650, with Hugh's hand built complete kit. Timing is pretty much on point but does kick back every now and then. My issue is my carbs pop every now and then and stall the engine. Then other times they just pop and I'm on my merry way...
  16. 1973 TX650 Chopper

    Am I running lean on new Mikuni VM TC Bros carbs?

    I'm a newb and I've learned a lot already on this forum and am really grateful. My 1973 TX650 is nearly finished as I just completed a pamco ignition upgrade along with new Mikuni VM roundslide 34mm performance carb kit by TC Bros. I have the bike running and have driven it a few times. I've set...
  17. A

    All tuned and no fizzle

    I have a Japense import 1978. XS650 SE with the Vin 447901xxx. I bought him from Old Gold in Londonderry, in Australia. It was running alright when I bought it but I drove it up the road and back so nothing definitive. I have striped it down to frame to repaint and turn it into a brat/cafe...
  18. Terrible1

    Weather change, stumble at idle and low end jetting issue?

    Currently I have my bike jetted for the 90 degree weather but lately its reaching highs of 50's and maybe 60's. Well my bike has developed idle issues as well as 1/8-1/4 throttle flat spot. Here's a rundown of what I've got 74 TX 650 motor Pamco Ignition (original) Dynatek Coil NGK plugs...
  19. Hitndahedfred

    Magnetos on the XS650 street bikes

    Just wondering if anyone has used a magneto on their street bike? Or used one on any bike they have built. Seems a bit pricey but it would eliminate a bunch of headaches I think. Please contribute if you know of anyone. I have questions.
  20. G

    tuning and pamco question

    what is the safest way to ground spark plug while isolating a cylinder for idle mixture tuning with a pamco ignition? The new pwk carbs and manifold boots do not have vacuum ports so can not isolate that way so thinking of remove plug wire to isolate the opposite cylinder but I don't want to...