1. 6

    Voodoo hardtail rim size???

    Question for anyone that has a Voodoo Vintage hardtail. Will I have any fitment issues with this 2.5 rim from Mikes? https://www.mikesxs.net/yamaha-xs650-wm-2-50-x-16-x-36-hole-rear-rim-and-spoke-package.html Thanks.
  2. N

    For Sale - Sold

    73-83 xs650 front wheel. Has signs of age. See pictures for details. Asking 175 shipped
  3. Sudonate91

    Wanted - 16" - 36 spoke - Rear chrome steel wheel

    Seems these are hard to find so I will put a ad out to get ahead of the ball. But I am looking for a rear wheel to fit my bike (found here). Looking to convert it back to stock. So i will need a 16" - 36 spoke chrome steel wheel. I have all the other fix'ns. LMK if you have something available...
  4. Muckroot

    Wanted - 34mm fork lowers or whole forks

    Hello, I am looking for a nice set of fork lowers for a chopper project. I already have stanchions and all the bits including the trees and caliper, however I am willing to pay the extra for a complete set of forks if the lowers are in really tip-top shape (with consideration to their age)...
  5. Muckroot

    unknown Wheel identification

    Hello, Bit of a newbie question but I recently bought an 1975 XS650B and subsequently discovered that the forks that were installed on the bike were XS400 forks, and totally don't fit the bike (the stem is too short). Because of this I've gone ahead and bought 34MM forks from a fellow forum...
  6. Muckroot

    "Used" Forks - need opinions

    Hello, I am talking with a guy in virginia about a set of forks he's got for (we think) an XS650. I'm interested in using just the forks, triple tree, bar clamps, and axle. I won't be using the fender, wheel, bars, or headlight brackets. I might use the hand controls but I haven't decided yet...
  7. Port

    81' Heritage Special rear wheel swap planning

    Hey guy, Im trying to plan a rear-wheel swap for my 1981 HS. It currently has 19/16 mag wheels, with a disk in the front and drum in the back, and I would like to go to 19/18 or 19/19. I prefer the mag wheels. I just want a bit more handling response and to lift the rear. It is my...
  8. A

    Tubeless conversion for spoked wheels. Any thoughts?

    I recently came across this: http://www2s.biglobe.ne.jp/~outex/tubelesskitenglishlist.htm I am really tempted to try this on my new shoulderless Morad 2.50x18 rear wheel (Talon KTM 500 MX disc brake hub, SS spokes) I just weighed a 4.00x18 inner tube I had, it was almost 2 LBS!! It may be a...
  9. Surfrat28

    For Sale - 1979/80 Yamaha XS650SG Gas Tank and Front End

    Hey guys I have some left over parts from my recent build and have the following parts. All parts have come off my 1979/80 Yamaha XS650SG. I do have some Yamaha DT125 and DT175 parts in the storage if anyone is looking. DM for pictures will be going to storage to snag sometime this week...
  10. Robert E Lee

    Wanted - 18" Spoked Rear Wheel

    Looking for an 18" rear wheel assembly--Early XS preferred-clean and true as possible-price depending on condition-show me what you have lying around. Thanks!
  11. B Burdine97

    Tubed tire on a tubeless rim.. without a tube??

    Good afternoon all, I recently had bought some tubed tires to have installed on my mag wheels, which say on them "Suitable for tubeless tires". I brought these tires, tubes and my wheels to the local motorcycle shop to have them mounted and balanced. The guy who mounted and balanced my tires...
  12. T

    XS650 Mags to Spoke Swap

    I'm currently working on 81' and am in the process of swapping a 19 Front mag disk and 16 rear mag drum to a set from a 75' that is a 19 front spoke disk and a 18 rear drum. What are, if any, problems that I might run into? Do i need to swap the disks as wheel when I swap the wheels? I have the...
  13. pckopp

    Wheel lacing question

    When I took apart my wheels there were these little washers. I didn't get new ones so I assume I should re-use these. Correct? They have been de-greased and soaked in the de-ruster but still look a little rough. Should I give them a ride in my tumbler to make them smooth? BTW, the thread on...
  14. X

    xs650 wheel question?

    I have I 76, i guess they call it the shouldered rim? Basically water will sit in it when wet. I think it's aluminium I'm looking to buy or trade for a later style rim will it still lace up the same if it's 36h? Thanks (And also if any one has one laying around I would trade or buy just the rim).
  15. gggGary

    For Sale - Pair of custom spoke wheels

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 18" X 2.5" mikes rims front and rear. Mikes SS spokes front and rear. Stock hubs shaved and polished front and rear. Bare as you see them but other parts available. These are spoked, trued and both had tires on them and a few thousand miles of riding. They look good but are not...
  16. C

    Swapping rear 16 inch with 18 or 19

    I have a 16" rear wheel with drum brakes on my 83 special. Its my understanding I can swap this out with an 18" with drum brakes as well, direct swap. Is there any adverse effects to handling if i do this? I dont care so much about straight line stability (which I believe my 16" 130/90/16 tire...
  17. T

    Wheel lacing. new spokes don't lay like the old ones

    EDIT: having taken a few out to see how inners fit as outers I realize it doesn't even want to line up. I'll leave the original post as it was. end edit. I've just laced up my 18" rear wheel using stainless spokes, the pattern is good, none of the spokes are bending or interfering with each...
  18. natek

    Bought 79 XS650, has non-shouldered 16/19 aluminum wheels? Please identify!

    Hey guys, thanks in advance for the help in identifying these wheels. This is a 95% stock 1979 XS650... was missing seat and tank when bought a few days ago and has aftermarket drag bars. Other than that, all stock. Noticed right away the rear wheel looked to be aftermarket though seems to have...
  19. richardthemotorcycle1

    How to remove hub

    Hey guys is there a trick to removing the rear hub, do I have to take the tire off
  20. offthewall

    Wrong flange spacer?

    Hey there anyone know how the front bearing and spacer assembly goes together? Its not looking right to me. Is the flange supposed to slide over the spacer like in the rear? This one is a super tight fit. The diameter is significantly smaller on the flange and spacer than the bore in the hub...