Anyone have an extra spacer???

  2. hard_y_rd

    What years came stock with a 16 inch rear?

    Just wondering what years came stock with 16 in the rear. Spoked wheels that is.
  3. scott s

    Tire pressure

    What's everyone's thoughts on tire pressure with modern tires? My manual list 23 psi front and 28 psi rear, but that seems awful low to me. I've had a few shops tell me that those pressures were for old, bias ply tires. I've been told to run the Max PSI listed on the sidewall, but isn't that...
  4. hard_y_rd

    XS650 rear hub diameter

    Can anyone tell me what an XS650 hub diameter is. Just talked to Buchanan's and they said the TX650 hub is bigger. That's why I'm having issues lacing my 16 inch wheel. They also said their spokes wouldn't make much difference. Don't they make custom spokes??? I know it's Friday and everything...
  5. CoastsideXS650

    gap at front wheel. Does this look right?

    There seems to be a gap in the front forks where the wheel connects to the front axle. It seems like there should not be so much space but I can't figure it out. Anyone know if this looks right? Bike is a 1980 fork/triple assembly. Front wheel is 77 front hub and axle.
  6. S

    Polishing question with pictures

    So i have never polished anything before. I have read some instructions on ways of doing it. Well i used some aluminum cleaner to try and clean some of the muck off the hub backing plate. Removed some stuff but not really as much as i thought cleaner would. Tried a few different cleaners nothing...
  7. T3chnic4l

    Custom Fab'ed Bracket For a Different Brembo Caliper

    Hey, I fabricated this bracket today to hold a different Brembo Brake caliper, I got it for a good deal and I thought I would put in a little time to fabricate a bracket to hold it. You don't need to create any spacers for the disc, just bolt it to the wheel. The bracket holds the caliper in the...
  8. nairb

    inner tube question

    question about the size of an inner tube. I am looking to put a 4.00-18 on the rear of an XS2 yamaha. There are masses of inner tubes for a 4.10-18 but very few for a 4.00-18 (here in the uk) Does any body know if I can put a 4.10 inner tube in a 4.00 tyre..... of do I have to get a 3.50/3.60...
  9. S

    Cafe wheel/tire combination suggestions?

    So doing a cafe out of my 81 xs. So wanting to get some stuff ordered been doing some research but wanted to get some of you guys opinions. I was thinking about ordering Rim and spokes from mikesxs to give them a shot, and tires from where ever i can. I plan on doing 18 front and back. Here...
  10. hard_y_rd

    Pics of 16 inch rim

    Can anyone post pics of their 16 inch rear rim laced up? I'm trying to figure out what's up with mine. I'm thinking you can't lace an 18 inch hub to a 16 inch rim. The 18 inch hub must be different. It's a Tx650 hub.
  11. D

    CB750 wheel on an XS650. Anyone done it?

    I have a CB750 spoke and drum wheel that is in great condition. I would like to use it on the 650 chopper I am making but I was curious as to a few things. Anyone have any experiences with it? Sprocket specialities can make me a 33t rear sprocket for $80. My problems arise when I realize...
  12. W

    R6 Fork Swap + single rotor SM wheel, please advise

    I've been scouring the market for a good set of 2006-2012 R6 forks like the ones linked here, in combination with this wheel linked here. I'm hoping one of you guys might be able to shed some light on this part of my project planning. I really like the looks of these gold R6 forks, but I...
  13. F


    Hey Guys, Need some advice, my bike is a 77 and I'm looking to go 19/19. What I've been able to see so far is 18/18. Has anyone done 19/19, if so, any pics? Thanks
  14. G

    Front and rear axle size question

    I'm putting together a 1979 for a buddy of mine that bought it for 500 with alot of stuff missing and some bent rims. I found some rims on craigslist for a 1980 xs650 and I was wondering if the axles on the 79 would fit a 80 model rims. Its going on a hardtail frame and no front fender so as...
  15. hard_y_rd

    Is there a good video tutorial on truing a wheel?

    Just wondering if there is a good vid on how to do this. I'm a visual learner and i can read stuff all day long and still do it wrong. I video might clear the haze. I don't know how much a shop charges to do this and if it is something pretty easy i would like to save a few bucks.
  16. J

    Nylon rear sprocket?

    Hey guys it's my first time posting, so go easy on me. I didn't find this in my searches, but has anyone ever seen a nylon rear sprocket? I bought a 1980 special, which has been stored since 1988. I know the guy I bought it from well, and he is meticulous with maintenance. I have full records on...
  17. nairb

    Which speed rating for front/rear tyres xs2

    Been looking for new tires/tyres for an 1971/72 xs2. I did look at some metzelers But the question is what speed rating is best for an old 650 twin. A ME 11 3.60 -19 52S on the front and... a ME 77 4.00-18 64 S on the rear The S rate is for a max speed of 112 (mph) with 52 being for...
  18. O

    slightly bent rim - what to do?

    I pulled my wheels off yesterday to get them ready to go for powder coat. Visually, they have always appeared in good shape and seemed to ride fine. I rode all last summer on them. but after getting tires removed I found a small bend in the front rim. It almost looks possible that the tire...
  19. L

    Trying to Find Spedometer Drive for this Hub!

    Hi All, Got given an XS650 project bike thats in 101 pieces and 5 tubs of parts and 3 of everything else. In the parts was a nice 18" wheel that gives my new project the look I want, problem is I cannot find a spedometer drive for the hub - Can anyone give me some info either on the hub itself...
  20. Demin

    Stupid wheel question.

    I have a '77 with the aluminum spoke 19" and 18" wheels.Did Yamaha ever make a 16 or even a 15" rear wheel that matches these or even a setr of chrome19 and 16's.I just can't get into the tall skinny rear wheel look.I like the hotrod look,skinny in the front wide in the rear.Not huge.I usually...