wiring harness

  1. C

    Wiring Gauge

    Recommended wire gauge to simplify and rewire bike from scratch? Has anyone used the cloth covered (vintage) wire from TC Bros? Is this more of a pain than it's worth for the aesthetic?
  2. JayTheWrench

    For Sale - Xs650 harness kits available!

    This thread is temporarily locked, we are working on resolving a dispute between JayTheWrench and Paleomechanic. Hello everyone! Jay here owner of Asylum Cycles out of Rochester, NY. Starting december 1st my harness kits will be available for purchase as Oldman Rich goes into retirement...
  3. X

    Poor running after rewiring...?

    Hey fellas, recently just finished wiring in a brand new harness. Before I completed the wiring I wired the ignition etc. in just to get the bike running, it ran really well and I had it tuned, timed and carbs synced to almost perfect. Throttle response great even in the cold and all the way...
  4. J

    custom wiring harness vs oem stripped

    i just got a 78 xs650 and want to do full minimal wiring, im running a battery and a boyer red box , headlight , tail light and a tach, im thinking it may be more simple to just make my own harness ground up instead of tearing apart a oem new one , what's everyone's thought son this any tips or...
  5. Ricky_F

    What is the best wiring diagram for a 1979 xs650 special?

    Hello guys, I am new to this page and most definitely new to the xs650. I got mine last week and have been reading forums as a ghost follower for a few days now. My first bike before this was a 2009 cbr600 and I never had to learn anything about the bike, it just ran. I've been learning a lot...
  6. L

    Wanted - Pma conversion and wiring harness

    Hello all, Currently building my XS650 cafe racer and looking to do a pma conversion. Previous owner had some crackhead wiring on the bike, the stator burned out, and took some of the wiring with it. I’m a college student so money is a little tight, but I’m looking for a pma, and wiring for my...
  7. ItsSamuelC

    Wiring Harness Hell.

    Hi, I recently bought a 79 XS650 Bobber. Somebody elses project they couldnt be bothered to finish etc. The wiring is atrocious and I have started to work my way through. I have fixed mistakes and repaired everything in their “wiring harness”, so everything is working, but its all still very...
  8. W

    Starter Button/Killswitch Install with Simplified Wiring Harness

    Hey folks, thanks for having me! I’m having some issues completing the starter circuit on a client’s 1981 xls 650 custom cafe racer. I’m using a simplified chopper diagram, but can’t seem to figure out how to integrate the OEM style starter button/killswitch since all the simplified wiring...
  9. ApolloStaar

    Safety Relay and Light Checker wiring question

    Hey everyone, in need of a little wiring help, I'm completely rewiring my stock '75, new wiring harness et al. Everything is pretty much connected. What is the function of the Safety Relay and the Light Checker? Do I need the safety relay box and light checker box for the electrical to run...
  10. Apexdc

    For Sale - YAMAHA 650 XS1-XS1B Wiring Harness OEM 256-82590-30-00

    I purchased this from MikesXS.com. It is for an XS650 XS1 or XS1B. On their web site, it is item #24-6570. This could also be a good basis for a harness for a custom bike. That is how I was going to use it, but decided to run the bike as a total loss electrical system with no charging system...
  11. A

    Build your own M Unit

    Hi guys, I don't know if this will be possible but the M Unit done by Motogadget is so damn expensive and so small, it looks like something that could be created DIY. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this or think its possible...
  12. lakeview

    Eastern Beaver tools

    So I have a couple spare post '80 solid state reg rec's in my parts bin, and this '79 Special points model brat chop sitting in my basement needing wires and a whole lot of other stuff. It is a rescue from someone who lost interest and although I am usually more partial to the stock bikes, this...
  13. T

    Original wiring diagrams or pictures?

    Anyone have close ups of stock wiring harness in place? In trying to figure out the rats nest behind the headlight
  14. B

    Back at the old project, very lost with wiring. Please help!

    Hi guys, iv recently pulled my 83 xs650 back into the garage and pulled out all my bins of parts. It's been a few years but I finally have some time to fool arround in the garage again! Anyway I'm having a very huge problem and would really appreciate some help here from you awesome guys...
  15. lakeview

    going cross-eyed

    1976 XS 650 -changing out the harness, both the old one and the new one have these terminals with yellow and brown leads in the headlight pot which I cannot identify and there do not seem to be any matching items to hook into it. This part of the harness was labelled "top" by a po which does...
  16. X

    Putting back original wiring harness

    Hey everyone, I've had my bike for about 3 years and for the past two years I've been running a custom harness that I made. I really cut corners when I made it and its a constant worry that something is going to short when I am on the road. My custom harness is real barebones. Charging...
  17. D

    from scratch

    hi all, i have a 73 TX650 and was thinking of doing my own wiring harness from scratch. has anyone done this before? is there an easy way to do it? any help would be appreciated.
  18. alfredo

    Wiring Harness

    So. I am painting my frame and my tank green. I just bought a new wiring harness form mikes and it is black and large. I am going with a custom bratsyle look so I am lowering the seat frame a little and going with a peanut custom tank. I am concerned about the harness looking all janky...