1. Batterylizard

    Fried Electrical wiring

    Hey y’all. I had a gas leak and jump started my bike the other day, these wires connected to this ground plate lit up on fire. They seems fried but I need help identifying them. I think I can just replace the ground wires and snip the other ones and get new connectors. Can anyone weigh in on...
  2. C

    Wiring Gauge

    Recommended wire gauge to simplify and rewire bike from scratch? Has anyone used the cloth covered (vintage) wire from TC Bros? Is this more of a pain than it's worth for the aesthetic?
  3. C

    Wiring Overhaul

    Hi all, I just recently picked up a super clean 1980 XS650 special II and am planning to replace the carbs ignition/ charging system and simplify the bike as much as possible. I have already learned a lot from this forum about the aftermarket carb kits and the ignition/ charging (sounds like it...
  4. E

    Munit v02 CDI wiring

    Hey there, I’m currently wiring my 1980 xs650 with a motogadget munit v02 using @peterg wiring diagram (great diagram btw). Most of the wiring is simple enough but for the ignition I’m a bit confused. I have everything stock expect the ricks Motorsport reg to run lithium battery. But the...
  5. M

    Neutral indicator light

    I’m working on rewiring my 1982 XS650. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at reading schematics, but I think I have a handle on most of it (Thanks YouTube!). I haven’t found any videos about the neutral indicator light on the dash. I’m just trying to figure the path of current. I think the neutral...
  6. JayTheWrench

    For Sale - Xs650 harness kits available!

    This thread is temporarily locked, we are working on resolving a dispute between JayTheWrench and Paleomechanic. Hello everyone! Jay here owner of Asylum Cycles out of Rochester, NY. Starting december 1st my harness kits will be available for purchase as Oldman Rich goes into retirement...
  7. T

    XS650 chopper wiring

    I recently found a 1972 XS650 in the trash and I am currently rebuilding it. All that is left is the wiring (I am building a chopper so it will only have headlight and tail light with no other accessories. I am picking up circuit breakers and I was wondering if I should use 10amp or 15amp manual...
  8. J

    custom wiring harness vs oem stripped

    i just got a 78 xs650 and want to do full minimal wiring, im running a battery and a boyer red box , headlight , tail light and a tach, im thinking it may be more simple to just make my own harness ground up instead of tearing apart a oem new one , what's everyone's thought son this any tips or...
  9. X

    What is this?

    Hey fellows, this may seem like an amateur question but I can’t figure out what this disconnected thing is attached to my top engine mount. Any ideas? Cheers!
  10. V

    Broken bobber ignition.

    So I'm working on my buddies '75 xs650. He has no spark, yep I know another one. So I sanded the points clean with 1200 grit. Pulled the plugs and no spark. Removed the plugs from the boot and put in a screwdriver, no arc to jugs. Voltage on battery with charger is 12.5. tested kill switch it...
  11. Sudonate91

    Led Blinkers (that work) but led turn signal indicator in center column.

    I just got done putting blinkers back on my 650. Went with led bulbs in the entire chain including the one that flashes in the center console indicator. I also got the blinker relay from superbrightled.com. I also have a brand new wiring loom and I re wired the grounds on the blinkers with new...
  12. tcyrenne

    How would I proceed with my wiring?

    Howdy This is my first post... I believe. I am so grateful for being a part of this community, I have read and learned so much on this site, and I’ve only begun… About my bike, I bought an unfinished project almost 18 months ago... and now I am finally able to put some time into the bike. I...
  13. Coleslaw

    Need help wiring - motor identification

    Hello people of the XS nation, I need some assistance, I have been looking for a simplified wiring harness for what I believe is a 1980 xs650sg. The P.O. tore the stock harness to pieces and painted most of it. Trying to make heads or tails of the thing. Here the motor please let me know what...
  14. L

    Pma conversion, and wiring problems

    Hello all, I previously made a post about my 81xs a few months ago, and talked about the charging issues I had. I took it to a mechanic to have it diagnosed, and was told that the stator went bad, and shorted out the wiring. They told me that I could just get a new stator, and buy a used main...
  15. T

    Hotwire with pamco ignition?

    I have a few other threads, but. I’m having an issue running: intermittent cylinder dying, switches sides, fresh battery. Has Pamco, single coil (Honda), have used diff coils to rule out. It was suggested to wire battery directly to coil to see if that works, which would indicate issue in...
  16. ol_crusty

    Hugh's Hand Built CDI Wiring Diagram Questions.

    Hey Everyone, I'm wiring up the XS after installing Hugh's complete CDI kit. He has some instructions provided, but they are not proving to be 100% newbie proof... I dont know how to wire this thing up without a starter motor. I ripped and plugged mine from the engine. Hugh's diagram just...
  17. Muckroot

    Custom wiring diagram review needed

    Hello all, I've sketched up a wiring diagram for my 1975 XS650B, which is a hardtail chopper project. it has the stock alternator, as well as: a TCBro's reg/reg: http://www.tcbroschoppers.com/regulator-rectifier-yamaha-xs650-points-ignition-models.html. a TCBro's headlight...
  18. VonKnoxBerg

    ‘78 xs650 ignition switch problems

    Okay so here goes I am new to motorcycles and garage mechanics. My first real project and I’ve run into some electrical problems. I have removed the tach/speedo/light cluster from the bike with only cutting one ground wire, the rest were just unplugged. However my issue now is I have no electric...
  19. O

    Mikesxs wiring harness

    Has anybody used the universal wiring harness from mikesxs? Its looking good for a winter project and id like to keep it neat and lose what i can but i want to know what all would still be working as well as how good it was. Would like to keep basic functions like lights and starter.
  20. H

    Aftermarket Left-hand Switches Wiring HELP PLEASE

    This is my very first motorcycle project. I bought this aftermarket device for my turn signals, headlight, and horn control. It only has 8 wires while the original setup on my 1982 XS400s has 10 wires. However, they serve the same function (except the original blinker switch comes back to the...