1. Grimmith

    For Sale - XS650 part lot 72' - 75' Part one

    All types of parts, make offers? I won't ask for much as long as you pay shipping, which will include the shipping label and tracking number. This is a Part 1 post because of so many pictures, part two will be in a minute. I'm also willing to take apart an engine for other parts if needed...
  2. D

    For Sale - MikesXS alternator kit.

    Never been installed still brand new in original packaging. XS 650 permanent magnet alternator kit PMA. Fits all years. $100.
  3. S

    For Sale - 1976 xs650 rigid 1973 motor ? project no title nfs

    this bike is a project it needs twist grip clutch handle and cables ignition/charging wiring ive never had any paperwork i bought the frame separate from the motor carbs and tank. whats there is bolted on rear brakes work chains on and alighned properly its a project that needs finished no title...
  4. X

    What is this?

    Hey fellows, this may seem like an amateur question but I can’t figure out what this disconnected thing is attached to my top engine mount. Any ideas? Cheers!
  5. 2BallCane

    '79 XS650 Build project.

    So some of you may know that I have started a build project, but I thought it would be wise to consolidate and keep the build as its own thread with pictures and progress reports. For those of you who don't know, I purchased this bike from a friend for $200 because he gave up riding after...
  6. Sowiuk1

    Left hand engine cover

    Hello folks, New to the XS650 world. My 1978 Yamaha XS650SE is currently being transported to me as I write this. It is however missing a left engine cover. Does anybody have one spare, know of someone selling one, or where they might be readily available. I'm not having much luck online...
  7. V

    Wanted - 1973-75 XS650 Complete Speedometer

    1975 XS650 Completed Speedometer
  8. RayWhitt

    Xs650 clutch assembly

    Hey guys, first time XS builder here. I’m building a street tracker out of a late model 77’. After a major overhaul I started to test ride the bike only to notice the clutch grabbing. After reading conflicting information about number of plates and years I finally got that sorted out and...
  9. L

    Sitting in storage a few months, pool of brake fluid on rim. Steel brake pipe?

    1975 stock XS650B. Had the bike in storage a number of months. Came back to it today and found brake fluid pooled along the wheel rim and some had dripped down onto the tire. I wiped it up, and noticed a trail coming down the rotor and from where the metal brake pipe meets the caliper. that...
  10. TerribleTabo1

    For Sale - 1977 Yamaha XS650 Scrambler / Desert Sled

    1977 Yamaha XS650 with a Motor that has aprox. 8,000 miles. This motor is not original to this bike. This has been taken apart down to the frame and rebuilt with a lot of custom parts. The tank is custom made aluminum and very lightweight. The frame has been shaved down to reduce weight and...
  11. blkgld

    XS650 Newbie / XS650 Forum Newbie - Hello!

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a 1979 XS650 that I plan to customize into a mild "Bratstyle" custom. I've had an SR500 for quite sometime now before I upgraded to the xs650. The SR was my first attempt at customizing a bike and its sorta the style I want to take the XS. The reason I decided...
  12. P

    New to bikes

    I bought a XS-1 (I think) from a a guy off of Craigslist. I've wanted to get into riding and working on bikes for a while, but never had the money. Saw this for $550, and I jumped on the opportunity. That being said, I really don't know anything about getting started. I can say that the bike has...
  13. Rhy650

    '82 Bar Hopper

    This thread will outline my modifications to the last of my Dad's XS650s. This bike is an 1982 which has had some fairly substantial frame modifications. Dad built this bike approximately 10 years ago, but never rode it much. He always referred to it as a "bar hopper" which I believe is...
  14. oberling

    Anybody got any experience with running flatslide carbs?

    My carbs are in rough shape and I bought a pair of Mikuni style flat slide carbs (same size as OEM) that I want to eventually swap onto the bike. I'm wondering if anybody has any idea what would be a good jet size to start out with to make tuning slightly less painful. My engine is stock. Thanks!
  15. zoomxf

    For Sale - 1977 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker

    1977 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker. Has 750 kit. Runs very strong with fantastic power & torque. Metal tank with street tracker seat and fiberglass seat pan. Completely rebuilt with custom laser paint (not decals). Excel rims. Located in Minster, OH. $5,800 Mike 909-376-8133
  16. Santa

    Just inherited a 1975 xs650

    Hi all, I'm brand new around here. I just inherited a 1975 xs650 from my grandfather that's been sitting in his garage since '81. It's only got 2k on the odo and he even splurged for the backrest and windjammer III back in the day. Planning to try and fix it up and get her roadworthy. She's in...
  17. X

    New here, need some help!!

    Hey guys I have a 81 xs650 kickstart. Have PMA, original points. But now replaced the regulator, capacitor, switched to mikexs ignition gen 2 and new dual output coil. I can't get this bike to start. Got it from craigslist dude lied and said it needed one thing. I can't find a wiring diagram to...
  18. B

    Help! Bike runs perfect for 10 min then dies

    Hi, I have an 80 xs650 special. I've been riding it for 3 yrs now and have done minimal work as it is in good condition. I just took it out for the season after it sat in my garage for 2 months. It has a new AGM battery I put in when I bought it. The problem: I start it, it warms up, turns...
  19. lukeXS

    2021 and the XS650

    The day is January 1, 2021 and it's raining ice in NW Ohio right now. I snuck out to the garage to tinker on the bike just a moment ago and thought it'd be a good time to post it to the forum. I'm a newbie here and this is my first post. About two weeks ago, my dad gave me his 1979 XS650...
  20. M

    For Sale - 1980 XS650 special

    Make me a offer. Needs a good home, I just don’t get to ride it that much with my other bikes and work. Runs ok I just don’t ride it and family life is well family life. 1980 Yamaha XS650 Special. 15,362mi currently. I’ve owned this for almost 4 years. Garage kept and maintained, clean...