1. Walters_Gallery

    For Sale - 1984-87 yamaha xv700 virago custom rear wheel

    This is a custom rear wheel set up that I had a shop put together to put on my xs750 but I think the project is more trouble than it's worth. I do also have the drum brake set up with rear axle nut. Testing out the waters for right now Specs: - Converted 15" OEM wheel to a H-18x2.15" - 36...
  2. bt24

    For Sale - Staracer Yamaha 750 Flattracker

    1974 Yamaha XS650/750 Staracer Yamaha 750 Staracer Racing frame Nickle Chromoly XS650/750 New Brembo Brake pads Brembo caliper New Nissin Master Cylinder Pro Taper DT bars Slim line reflex clutch lever & perch F4 Forks w/ new fluid OHLINS Rear shocks Excel 2.50 Wheels/Stainless HD spokes...
  3. Walters_Gallery

    Can anyone help me identify this front end setup

    I've been trying research a front end (preferably HD for the variety of wheels and brakes) to retrofit onto my 79 triple. The attachment below is from a guy out of Indonesia that has a 79 triple as well and his build is exactly what I had in my head. I was just to hurr durr to spit it out on...
  4. W

    Xs 650 engine serial number issue

    So I bought a 1979 Yamaha xs650 I was ordering parts for it and attempted to install them but the 1979 parts where not correct from what I read on here the frame serial and engine serial should start the same mine are different and I havnt been able to find anything related to this serial number...
  5. Johnny73

    From the bottom up!

    Hey everyone, glad to be here! So I have a 75 XS650 which has been sitting in my garage for approximately 2 to 3 years. This fall I plan to start rebuilding it or should I say reassembling it with my son who is 11. I have very basic knowledge when it comes to rebuilding a motorcycle so my...
  6. '79 Special

    '79 Special

    My '79 Special at Crummock Water in the English Lake District.
  7. '79 SE

    '79 SE

    Arty Farty shot of my Special at Sundown in Workington, West Cumbria, UK.
  8. C

    Gas Tank ID...

    This tank just came my way via a friend who picked it up to solve my bike's needs. Unfortunately it won't exactly work for me. I don't know the year/make of the bike it's for...Hence this post. Any ideas? I've been chasing tanks for my bike ('81 yamaha xj550 maxim) and all the tanks look...
  9. RayWhitt

    Xs650 clutch assembly

    Hey guys, first time XS builder here. I’m building a street tracker out of a late model 77’. After a major overhaul I started to test ride the bike only to notice the clutch grabbing. After reading conflicting information about number of plates and years I finally got that sorted out and...
  10. zoomxf

    For Sale - 1977 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker

    1977 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker. Has 750 kit. Runs very strong with fantastic power & torque. Metal tank with street tracker seat and fiberglass seat pan. Completely rebuilt with custom laser paint (not decals). Excel rims. Located in Minster, OH. $5,800 Mike 909-376-8133
  11. Surfrat28

    New Engine and simple wire diagram

    Hey everyone stoked to get a donor engine to replace my current crappy engine that I don’t have time to fix. 1. 2F0-171615..... not sure which bike this is I wanted to say 1978 XS650SE but not sure. 2. does anyone have a simplified wire diagram for this bike?? It is completely stock engine...
  12. zoomxf

    Repair Shop in Ohio / Indiana that Specializes in XS650s?

    Looking for a local shop that specializes in repairing / tuning my 1977 Yamaha XS650. I don't have time to work on it. Can anyone recommend a good shop?
  13. J

    For Sale - XJ650 Engine (Good compression)

    This engine is in good shape, i bought it to put in my bike but soon realized it was way too big. asking 375 but am negotiable. the starter is already there for you! we can arrange pickup or have it shipped. you pay shipping.
  14. M

    1982 Yamaha YZ125 Parts Lot (Engine, Shocks, Fuel Tank and Seat)

    These parts are from a 1982 Yamaha YZ125H. All of the items pictured are included in this lot. Some of the parts with OEM numbers included below. $499.99 or best offer. Left Engine Crankcase 4V2-15111-00-00 Right Engine Crankcase 4V2-15121-00-00 Kick Starter 3R3-15620-00-00 Fuel Tank Comp...
  15. Surfrat28

    1979 Yamaha XS650 Chopper Build

    My name is AR and I have been building this bike for a year now off and on with the help of this forum and the amazing people nice enough to respond to my past threads. Just wanted to share my progress on the build through this year. I had bought this bike from a garage completely stock only...
  16. S

    Please help! Front Fork Identification!?

    Hey guys, New here. Not really sure who to ask about this, but I bought a set of Yamaha R6 front forks for $150. Supposed to be 2006 R6. Came with the forks, wheels, calipers and all. Only thing missing was the triple tree. So I ordered a used one off line for a 2003 R6. They don’t fit. The...
  17. jasidok

    1992 Yamaha...? Front assembly?

    will this fit on a 78 XS650? It’s a 92. That’s really all I know.
  18. Surfrat28

    Rear Brake not bleeding/Pressurizing

    Hey guys hope all is well! I have spent most of the day trying multiple things on my rear brake system on my 1980 XS650SG and have had no luck. I have recently purchased a new rear master cylinder from mikesxs and I am still having the same issue. There are no brake oil leaks and I can't get it...
  19. Ozee9

    For Sale - 1983 XS650 Special

    1983 XS650 Special full custom build 12,000 miles at time of build Voodoo Hardtail kit 5” of stretch. Heavy duty chain Brand new sprockets Relaced wheels Fake oil tank for Electronics License plate/brake light bracket. Alligator seat Rear fender with sissy bar and matching alligator bobber...
  20. gman13579

    Make Offer - 1982 XS650 Heritage Special Edition

    Looking to sell my heritage special, It's in pretty good condition. It does some show wear for the age. It will probably need a new stater I ran about a year ago but haven't touched it since. It comes with the original tool kit and everything else is original to the bike too with cast...