1 inch front master single disc


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Anyone have a good master that will work with 1 inch bars and a single disc for my 81? I was looking at the yz one but its 7/8. Look for a good priced one not a 129.99 one!:yikes:
Nice chart! I wish it had bore diameter tho. From what I have gathered a HD one will be way to much brake for the lil xs caliper...
Let me know if you find any small, low profile levers for cheap. Otherwise I'm taking a saw and a file to the stock HD lever.
If you look at the underside of most MC's there is a number stamped into the bottom. It represents the bore size. At least on Yamaha's for sure. So if you're looking for a MC of a certain size you could go do a dealer and look at the underside or ask an ebay seller to look for the stamp before you bid.

Another option is to go with 1" bar riser reducer sleeves. or cut your bars down and have the ends replaced with 7/8 bar. For example. I have 1.5" bars on my raider but they reduce to 1" at the ends to accomidate for the controls and MC.
Could always run a cable operated MC (made from a rear MC) mounted elsewhere like on your downtube. There are a few people doing it. I probably will on my next build.
Yup! I was thinking that ...fab kevin sells one for 135 I think. Guess ill start looking in to that tomorrow cuz the front end is almost back together. That Damn work thing is keeping me from play time!

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Suzuki VL800 has 1" bars and 1/2" master cylinder bore. About as close as you're going to get for the single disc.