Trade - 19/16 special spoked wheelset for 19/19, 18/18 or 19/18 oem spoke or mag set


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Located in western NC. Front wheel looks good. Rear has some pitting that should clean up. Both tires have some life but can be removed before shipping.

I'd like a matching set of either 19 or 18 inch spoked wheels. I'm not into the high spoke count look.

Checking here before posting on CL and eBay.
At this point I would also be interested in a set of stock 19/18 spoke or mags.

If you are to sell those wheels I may be interested if the price is right

I am not sure what a fair price is. I searched eBay and few results are available. If you're interested let me know what number works for you.
82special, Seeing as you are in NC I would recommend scouring local sources around you. Desiring a more standard wheel set is understood by me. But, a drum brake rear cast mag set (16" & 19") utilizing your original set up would be a great way to go too.
I've swapped wheels before just to improve on condition and I'll tell ya, driving a bit and looking in person is probably safer and cheaper than paying shipping on wheels. Be patient and diligent and I'll bet you find a set in driving range.