For Sale - 1971 XS-1B front wheel, rim (front drum brake)


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Roberts, WI, USA
SOLD to Mark. Thanks mark!

Original Ad:
Up for sale is a nice front wheel from a 1971 XS-1B with the drum front brake. I was keeping this to use this on a project but decided to go with something else. The wheel is in very good shape. There is just a little bit of corrosion on the hub as you can see in the pictures. It should buff right out if you decided to polish the hub. The chrome on the rim is very nice. The tire is junk. It holds air and will work for mock-up but you'll need a new one to ride on (it's very dry rotted). The spokes are tight and in good condition and there are no tire mounting marks on the rim.

I'm asking $175 for the wheel plus $25 for shipping. I'm pretty firm on the price as I know what these are worth. Reply to the thread or PM me with question and offers. Thanks!




Wheel looks good. Do you have the screen for the air intake, and is there any pitting or rust on the steel insert in the drum? Has it been turned and are the internals complete. Also, I am in Reno, NV, where are you shipping from? Thanks, xskevin.
I do not have the screen. There is some surface rust on the drum but it looks very normal and looks like it would come right off the first time the wheel is used. I don't know if it's been turned or not and the internals are complete. I'll be shipping from River Falls, WI. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


Dang it...I really would love to put this on the cafe bike, but can't afford to :(
haha.. sure you can!!

You'd still have to modify your fork like we discussed through e-mail, but I'm sure you could figure that out pretty easily.
Like one of mine you mean? The 'modern' version of the XS1 drum,originally off my SR500 (standard 'optional' front drum & ally rim)fits straight to the XS...
This brackets handy if you can find one...


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Sry mate, Id forgotten the post.
It could be but I doubt you'd be intrested in it at the price, I just got £300($450) for a similar one as their as rare as hens teeth here, not only that but the shipping to the U.S. has been quoted at least £140+ !!:yikes: