1972 Resto/Retro Project

OK I'm trying really hard to get over my inferiority complex here. Beautiful project. May I ask How long did this all take? Give us the ride report? How does it compare to the back in the day ride "through rose colored glasses".
Great read. I started with my Red '72 about 18 months ago. Got it off of ebay in Connecticut . A true barn find. I stripped it down to the last piece and had the frame powder coated along with the battery box and air cleaners. Plenty of new and after market parts. New seat and tires. There wasn't a piece on it that wasn't rusted or weather beaten. Had a lot of stuff chrome plated by a shop, here in Houston. They do a lot of work for Jay Leno's shop. Have had to do some welding and machining but have the frame together with the shocks and tires back on it. Working on the engine right now and having a rough go of it. Finding out that you better pay attention to what you are buying for the '72. It seems that a whole bunch of stuff changed in '74.

Any comments or questions, let me know.
My 72 XS


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Thank you all for the great compliments and information.

I started this build in July 2014 and finished it in March 2015.

I put 3000 miles on it during the summer of 2015 without any problems. Did a couple of 500 mile round trips and a 1500 mile St Louis to Atlanta round trip. The bike never skipped a beat.

It brought back great memories and I am very happy with the way it turned out.

I sent the bike to a new home in October.

Now I have a 77 on the table and I am in search of a 70.

Thanks again and I look forward to showing you some future projects. Stay in touch!
Thank you for your comments. I look forward to sharing this experience and I hope that everybody has a safe and prosperous New Year.
The blue paint was over the original red paint.

I disassembled the bike and all the parts were cataloged and bagged to match the Yamaha parts catalog. For me it makes easier parts location during re-assembly.

All chrome work to be re-plated was inspected and pictures sent to several plating companies for quotes. I determined that the rims were to far gone to be re-plated and will purchase new

The parts to be painted were chemically stripped, inspected and prepped for paint.

Luckily the gas tank only had minor rust and was easily cleaned with a chemical rust dissolver and some light media blasting.

Great thread Jones, subscribed. I am undertaking a very similar level of resto with a 76'. Might I ask what you used for the chemical stripping of the old paint? Thanks again!
Sci85: Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I am posting previous work. I spent about a month learning, making molds, experimenting and making prototypes. My final seat construction (start to finish) took 12 hours with about 4 hours of that being wait times between applications
Wow that is really a great job on the foam. you may be missing a pretty good side business opportunity since you already have the molds and expertise, to make and sell the seat pads. I know I would definitely be interested.
Have you considered another project? It would be great to see, posts in real time, as you go, you do such great work.
Hello Bob!!!!!!!!!!! I was on the other day and looking for you but it kept returning a message that there was no one by your name and I was getting worried that something had happened.

Yes, I am getting ready to start a new Yamaha 650 project that I just picked up. I found a 72 that is probably the most original that I have ever seen. Probably 99.9% The problem is that it sat in a Minnesota dairy barn for nearly 30 years uncovered so, it is going to be one of those real challenging resto's that I think will be fun and probably cost me way more money than what its worth . I have a project on my table now that I need to finish for a gentleman in Ohio and then I will begin posting pics here in the near future.

My brother gave me a XS 650 calendar for a Christmas present and I was really happy to see you 650 on the cover. I told him the story of how we got together regarding the seat and it was pretty cool.

Again, so glad to see that your still around. I look forward to continuing our chatting in the near future.

Hey! Thanks David.
I’m so happy to hear you haven’t “ hung up your spurs” , so to speak. :) I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you do with your new XS2!

it is going to be one of those real challenging resto's that I think will be fun and probably cost me way more money than what its worth .

I know the feeling buddy! :laugh2: I hope to see you around the forum very soon.
Take care , Bob