1980 XS with 1000 miles- stored in a spare bedroom for 40 years!!!

That sounds to me like an '81 Special (XS650SH). I think you did OK on the buy. Personally, I like a Special, so I'm happy you're preserving it. It's a great bike.
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This one appears to be completely stock.
Thanks, I would never consider desecrating it by making it into a bobber
Wow, you really lucked out there! You WILL change the tyres though, won't you? They will be lethally dangerous after all that time no matter how mint they appear to be.

And welcome to the forum :)
yeah, they look pristine but I have heard that the rubber will behave differently on wet spots and in curves/ gravel. not taking chance
I'm pretty sure they are the Bikemaster brand. EMGO also makes them but the center section where they clamp isn't quite as wide. This might present mounting issues so I try to stick with the Bikemaster ones.
A guy who owns a Harley Shop next door to the bar my girlfriend has worked at for 25 years had his step dad die. He has seen me ride mid-sized UMJ's over the years. They guy who died was an old man who liked mid sized bikes and when he stopped riding he wheeled his bike into a spare bedroom until he died. He would wheel it out to his patio sometimes and sit on it over the years a couple of times but that was it. Is silver with hi rise seat. Has 1000 miles legit, no rust, no dry rot on the tires. Amazing Chrome!! The bike is now his step brothers. He wanted 3000 at first. The shop owner helped because I am not going to make it into a bobber but keep it like it is and drive it. So I am getting it for $1600 plus battery, tires, cleaning, carb job and whatever else to get it going. The shop owner estimated perhaps $600. I have a cheaper bike shop but I will likely have the Harley Shop guy do it as he has one employee who specializes in UMJ's for himself and the shop is top-notch doesn't usually touch anything but custom expensive Harleys.
I'm interested and I'll pay asking. I'm in CA