1982 xs650/Wiring harness simplified.... pls help..


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I have a 1982 xs650 heritage special, Its my first bike I got the joy of ridding it for 2 weeks an someone I know pulled the big red positive starter solenoid wire out of the solenoid an touched it to other wires trying to jump it off or force it to start it my keys wasn't in it at this time an the bike was trying to turn over.... after this my bike lost spark an some wires got burnt up so I bought a new CDI/ignition rectifier its has 7 wires on it 3White,1Red,1Black,1Green,1Grey, I can't find a simplified wiring harness diagram for it, the bike has already been bobbed out an simplified I bought a factory wire harness to cut the wires I need out I just don't know how they go. I can post pics if needed to help it it would. I'm willing to cash app someone money or paypal I just wanna escape life an my mind an ride I sit on my bike every night in the garage an make ridding noises an act like im driving.. my inner kid is gonna make my head blow off....

Yes, we need pics, instructions and perhaps a link for the regulator rectifier you bought. Pics of the burnt original wires too. ANd we need to know what "factory harness" you're attempting to use.
regulator was from tc brothers, an I got the harness from ebay it was Wiring loom xs650sj/sk/sl1982-1984 sku-5v4-82590-50-00, I have no pics of the burt wires an let me upload pics of the bike.
TC Bros offer more than one reg/rec. We'll assume for now that ebay harness matches stock harness
Sorry - those pics are too dark and distant to help in this effort. If you have a stock harness and a reg/rec that is for stock bike, what is the issue and why are you cutting wires? It should plug in; 8 pin connector to 8 pin connector (I hope).
Did the 2nd schematic help? If you have a specific question - post on..
I can feel your pain Wally but the only answer is you need to get up to speed with how the wiring works on your bike or get somebody like a friend or co-worker who knows about vehicle electrics to help you go through it. If you choose to sort it your self, there is plenty of advice and assistance available on the forum from helpful and patient people like JP but you will need to give us something to work with. Bike wiring is daunting if you don't know anything but if you can be organised, look at what you have, take detailed photos or draw it out then people can help you.
I would step away from whatever harnesses you bought and are currently on the bike and buy the tc bros chopper harness. It can’t be anymore bare bones than that, and they have a wiring diagram that comes with it. You can always add wiring for other items later, but the chopper harness is as close to plug and play as you can get. It’s stupid simple.

I'm confused my cdi ignition module has 7 wires or pins not 8 like it shows on the tc bro website or like jp was saying 8
At this point I'm really just thinking about taking it to the scrap yard I can't get help no matter how much I offer people they just laugh at me an say well that's a metric bike good luck
There's no video that shows you how to make your own harness step by step like I need to know what wires go where on the key switch an starter solenoid an these to wires coming from the starter where do they go, I paid some one to fix the bike an they just messed it all up sadly