The engine is a XS 650 553 crank, Re-phased to 277 deg, 80mm bore (750cc) shell no 1 camshaft Newtronic electronic ignition, new cam chain ,guide and tensioner, polished engine casings, it has produced 56 hp on the dyno

XS750 engine.jpg
Not sure if it mutters or what is the right way to do it But as input
Over the years I have used some padding around the Boyer box giving it little flexibility against vibrations.

Mostly that type below -- Used for preventing Carpets sliding on floors
I am Using Nylon fishing line to make a small fitting bag.
And then Zip ties for holding it in place as you have in the pictures here

Complete rewire front to back completed. Front and back turn and running lights, headlight, horn, new xs ignition with e-advance, tach, speedo, voltmeter, and FINALLY a kill switch. We'll see if blows up or not tomorrow morning. It's 10pm and I'm pooped


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