2013 XS650 Calendar!

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XSOTM 2013 Calendar - Final Proof before Printing!

Hey Guys-

Glad to here you are finally receiving the calendars, they turned out pretty good. I had noticed that there is a staple issue with about half of them. This really pissed me off considering how long this printer was already taking. I told him this would be my last business I did with them because they dropped the ball. Good news I have found a new printer locally that can take over. Anyway I am hoping everyone has the skill to use a stapler and pop one in the center of the calendar. If not you can ship them back and I will do it

Thanks everyone for making this (mostly) a success and as soon as I get everything processed and paid we'll know how much we can donate back to the site!

Paypal missed counted and sold around 103 calendars! Good and bad, so I am having 20 more printed locally (on my dime) At least 10 are spoken for (mine and family) but there are 10 that will be sold. I prefer 1 calendar a piece for the final 10 so everyone that still wants one has a chance. Please email if you would still like a calendar. I will accept Paypal and get one shipped out to you hopefully by next week. Please keep letting me know you have got them or if you have not gotten them by the end of this week. Thanks again to everyone and to XS650.com which is what these things are all about!

Thinking maybe a Poster/Collage style Calendar next year...

Happy New Year!



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*** Update 12/5/12

The cover goes to.......................Hugh! For all his work for the XS and the XS community!

Thanks guys for your support and help with this project. I will be sending the file to the printer tomorrow. Be sure to order if you haven't already.



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There are copyright issues involved here.

Pictures posted on the site still belong to the owners of the pic and you would need permission for them to be used, especially if you charge any money at all, even if you are only covering your costs then it is still a commercial venture because it is not for your own use.

I'm sure no one would complain if their bike was included, but if you are going to charge any money at all then why not charge to make a small profit and donate it to the site.
If any money is charged at all, (even if it is only to cover costs), them permission is needed. Copyright laws are involved here.

Charge a little to make a profit and donate it back to the site.
That is a great idea. I have no problems with that... I would be more than happy to donate to the site! I just thought the cheaper the more interest.

There is going to have to be enough interest in them to even have an order put together. That's why it's a poll. I am including credits to the images used on the actual calendar page. If they don't want it used then it won't get used. It's easy. If it is for the Website I will even include the Website address.

Thank you I did forget to put that in the original post. Now let's get these going.
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Looks good. Under image credit you could have a link to the build thread.

you could have some of the pics from the autumn thread in the autumn months, some nice pics there.
Original Post: "I will show the final calendar before it goes to print so you know what you are getting!"

1. See if there is interest
2. Decide on the bikes as a community
3. Show the Calendar before anyone has to pay

Did you not read the post at all?
Id like a calendar. I think it should a fundraiser for the site. Im also a huge fan of this sort of artwork for something like this.

Alright guys, we're starting to gain some interest with this. Is everyone cool with doing the XSOFTM bikes for the calendar? I think that is fair and makes the most sense as they have already been voted on. If everyone agrees, then I will get to work on them so we can have them (with any luck) the 1st week in January. Thanks for the support and feedback.

Except I only have ten... I forgot about june being missed. Is there another??
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Original Post: "I will show the final calendar before it goes to print so you know what you are getting!"

1. See if there is interest
2. Decide on the bikes as a community
3. Show the Calendar before anyone has to pay

Did you not read the post at all?

Yes, I did read your first post. #3, in your reply to me "Show the Calendar before anyone has to pay" was not stated in the first post. It was "I will show the final calendar before it goes to print so you know what you are getting! Adding the word's "before you pay changes everything", and thats all I stated. Did not mean to start a argument. Good luck.
I certainly hope there will be no images of near nekkid wimmen in this calender project...

No honey I bought it just to help support the site, yes, I'm disgusted too!